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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Freedom Utd 148 v 2 BarmyArmy 2nds

Justice prevails at Stony Stratford
Last night's eagerly awaited debate in Stony Stratford was attended by 150 people. Yes it was the Town Council's hearing of Councillor Bartlett's proposals to rid the world (well, his tiny world) of plague & pestilence, disease, famine, drought, floods & err.....smokers! The meeting was moved to the local church such was the audience to be-and it was, as locals turned out in force for this monstrous affront to our freedoms & liberties.
After the official opening of the meeting, Barmy Bartlett (BB) read out both motions to be debated:-

i) Stony Stratford Town Council does not condone smoking and the health risks associated with it. This Council seeks to reduce the amount of litter in our streets and to protect our historic town from germs, general nuisance and the possibility of young people in particular being burnt by cigarettes.

ii) Stony Stratford Town Council wishes to encourage all businesses in the town and, in doing so, to recognize the leading role they and residents can play in preventing the spread of disease, injury, litter, smoke, illnesses such as asthma, lung cancer and the narrowing of arteries, heart disease and its unpleasant other side effects and including the impact discarded cigarettes have on residents of Market Sq and High St in particular and children who have to put up with this 24hrs a day.

Now let's have a look at these two proposals. 'BB' does not condone smoking and the health risks associated with..... thankfully the Town Council and residents feel this is a matter of freedom2choose for oneself. Common sense prevails!
".....reduce the amount of litter" - from what I saw Saturday there was very little, of any type, to reduce!
".....young people in particular being burnt by cigarettes" - the realms of 'BB's' total absurdity. When was the last time anyone went around poking a lit cigarette at little children? For God's sake, the man ought to spend 6 months in the psychiatric ward for even thinking such things!
The rest of it is simply bibble-babble. Of course the town wants to promote businesses-for both smokers & non smokers, only two people don't it seems! And as for all the ailments with the eradication of smokers in the town diseases will also be eradicated? Has he forgotten the arterial road networks to hand-the A5 & M1? Perhaps this fool should be made aware of Dr Kitty Little's studies on diesel fumes et al!
the coup de grace:-
At the end of a very lively debate a show of hands was ordained. Barmy Bartlett voted for himself and, as he looked expectantly around the room for his self confirmed mass of supporters espied one lone arm raised with his. It would seem that 148 'silent witnesses' did NOT agree with the proposals put forward by this anti tobacco activist. Not only has 'BB' been defeated, he has been thoroughly routed, the people have spoken and the ass returned to the field-no doubt to plan his next move! It needs to be a worthy plan for nobody was even prepared to 'second' his proposals-now that is what I call HUMILIATING in the extreme!
The ramifications of these good peoples decisions last night will rock the world-the ASH-ites world for this is a clear message that public bans are a serious step too far. Are you listening Debs/Martin/Sheila and all you other screwball little people hellbent on ruling over others lifestyles.
There are hundreds of Stony Stratfords all over this country and they will all say the same.
ASH, CRUK, the WHO, Government, the message is clear and precise:-
 The fight continues on all fronts!


budgie said...

Indeed, a massive victory for those who advocate freedom of choice. Virtually everyone at the meeting; it's highly relevant that there was only one other anti present. I'm sure a few people in SS would welcome a ban, but were not supportive enough when it counted - there is a huge difference between anti smoking and anti smoker.

Anonymous said...

Im sure that the likes of ASH were behind this. Their name is being well muddied of late.

Sending Barmy Bartlett out to test what the people thought of an outdoor smoking ban, was their safest bet.
This is a huge victory showing 99% against. I still wouldnt put it pass them to try this again in a year or two. Was this not announced on the 1at July? It seems too much of a coincidence for this just to be down to Bartlett alone.

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