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Friday, 22 July 2011

7th Heaven?-not in the North West it's not!

Smokerphobia goes from strength to strength unfortunately as the anti tobacco lunatics reach new heights in absurdity. It is incredible what lengths they will go to to put the fear of God into people-as we shall see.
SmokeFree North West, one of the participants of the great fraud known as the "Public Consultation 2005/2006" (yet amazingly never prosecuted for fraud!) have developed an online 'stills' picture guide oh how to protect every living thing on the planet from SHS, but have they thought this through? A step by step (click by click actually) guide through your house informs you at every juncture that you are not doing enough to protect your children, your pet alligator, the marijuana plants in the cupboard or anything else that lives and breathes-until you are actually outside-SEVEN (yes 7) steps away from your property, with the door firmly shut!. They even put an ashtray on a little table-7 steps away from the house!
See video at bottom of this page on the Fresh website.
Grandly entitled "Search Your House"-Discover how to protect your children from second hand smoke, it takes you from room to room telling you that an open window is not enough, an open door is not enough etc etc until it forces you outside to enjoy a cigarette.
it is another form of stigmatisation, another method aimed at denormalising smokers-forcing smokers out of their own homes! We said this would come and it has. The anti tobacco zealots are sneaking up on smokers bit by bit; they haven't said you shouldn't smoke in your own home but they are planting the seeds again!
This is not OK, in fact, it is very far from OK as we get to a situation where a smoker lives in a block of flats, where I guarantee Evey single one of you that some idiot living 20 floors above said smoker will complain that the cigarette smoke drifting upward, from the other side of the building is curling its way round to their flat like a well trained silent assassin. I joke ye not, it will happen. These people pray for the merest whiff, the merest hint of smoke to start complaining that the smoke is getting through the concrete walls, the ventilator shafts, the sewage pipes-in fact anything possible just so that they can complain. I sometimes wonder if they would call for the smokers help if they were trapped by fire? Go on, you're dying ask! Yes, I'd say burn you self righteous bastard!
On the other side of the fence, literally, what about the old fashioned terraced houses that are so close together that there isn't even 14 ft of back yard? Can you imagine the new smokerchat culture that would spring up in the poorer areas as people huddled next to the property's rear dividing wall to enjoy a fag-just think of all the illicit partnerships that might spring up which would throw our already dismal divorce rate into even more chaos: reason for divorce cited as....."having a quick fag over the back wall with the bird from No27!" or "Ooooooh Eileen, when our eyes met o'oer them bricks!"
You see, the next move will be as described, mentally aggravating smokers that can't manage that prescribed distance to give up altogether-just more bully tactics from a state that seems to thrive on such. We now have a mentally retarded government that would obviously believe shit was sugar-just as long as the medical world told them so and they were paying a fake charity named POOOSH to brainwash the nation-well at least 350 MPs and from previous experience that wouldn't take long! I can see the banners "Save that Turd" & "Catch that Crap" as people start following pets around the streets with hordes of plastic bags in their pockets-just think of all the sugar being refined in peoples houses and just how clean our streets have become now that animal pollution is virtually zero! Yes, absurd (or should that be abturd?) but that how these puritanical asswipes of the anti tobacco movement make me-raving bloody mad!
Smoking a fag is 7th heaven and one thing for sure, the anti tobacco lunatics will be following Chris Rea on the road to hell. The words are quite significant for the anti tobacco mob:-

Well I'm standing by a river
But the water doesn't flow
It boils with every poison you can think of......

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Anonymous said...

When this ASH ad was first aired, about 12 months ago, I wrote to Lansley (a real letter!) to complain about the abjectly inaccurate science in the ad. Naturally, the reply that I received from the Tobacco Control minion in the DoH came out with the usual crap about "...100,000 premature deaths per an..." etc.

Clearly, there is a serious problem in getting one's views past the guardians from Tobacco Control. The same applies to MPs who have to do as they are told (by Tobacco Control indirectly) and even the MSM.

I have had a go through the Press Complaints Commission. At least they are obliged to consider seriously claims that the MSM is telling lies and distorting facts. I am thinking of having a go at the BBC via the same sort of channels.

At least it is worth a try.

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