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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

C’mon C’mon, lets stick together!

Yeah, lets stick together, as the old Roxy Music song goes. But as often as not we don’t stick together, do we?
And why don’t we stick together as fellow humans who like to partake of that legal product called tobacco? Now there’s a question that I think you know the answer to but feel guilty for answering.
I mean, long before smoking bans and the smoke hating puritans came along [not for the first time] we always thought we should give up smoking as that cough we had was rather grating and debilitating at the time…but that soon went, so on we would go, puffing to our hearts content…but we still felt guilty for doing so. Why?
Why should we/I feel guilty after a life of smoking and rude health well into our/my eighties when non smokers die earlier? Because it is pleasurable, that’s why.
Modern day puritans don’t like your simple pleasures in any shape or form! They think you automatically abuse them and hey, we all do from time to time, but we have an inbuilt ‘clock’ that tells us when to stop doing what harms us. How could we have survived otherwise? But, of course, there are those that have problems with their ‘clock’ for many social reasons and are willing to go on a ‘self destruct’ rampage for which we are all now paying the price as the puritans see the few as a stick to beat the many.
The modern day puritan is testament to this, they don’t like you drinking alcohol or eating your favourite food, even if you do so in moderation, but these people, these puritans, see you as  unable to control yourselves, unable to think for yourselves and unable to function without intervention by the state they wish to manipulate and mould into their own image. How can they do this without challenge in a so called ‘scientific era’?
In not so many words, data manipulation for which the tobacco industry has many accusers that absolve themselves of being party to!
Statement by TheBigYin:
I AM a SMOKER, an unrepentant smoker if you will, that will NOT be denormalised, will NOT be metaphorically put in the ‘stocks’ as an undesirable to be mocked and humiliated by my detractors who now find themselves being denormalised by anti smoking standards and will NOT be a sop to them.
There are times when I think I am a lone voice, sometimes shouting against the wind of junk science, self interest and downright lies..but there are people out there that make me think that I am not alone:

And if you didn’t know the social impact of the smoking ban experiment then let these people show you how it has impacted on everyone's lives:


Lysistrata said...

The second video is really heartwarming. Good to hear so many views against the total smoking ban so clearly expressed. We are not alone! Thanks for posting this, TBY.

max said...

Seconded, second video very good, very very reasonable. Morale boosting that this is being said on Parliament's door step.

Thanks for posting and let us all keep on.

Leg-iron said...

The other side of this is that as long as we are not organised, with no defined leaders, we can't be fought.

The enemy is an organisation and cannot cope with the idea of disparate individuals fighting one cause and then dispersing. They work through committes and consensus, we work through random acts and spontanaeity.

Look at Dick Puddlecote's showdown in Tombstony. Set up in a week or so by an individual and it now has the leader of UKIP and several media organisations interested.

ASH could not do that. It would take them months to organise who's bringing the chocolate biscuits and which printer should make the placards.

Yes, let's work together but no, we should never organise. They can fight an organisation. They will never understand that we don't have one.

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