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Saturday, 2 July 2011

In pursuit of the deranged Councillor Bartlett

Remember Councillor Bartlett whom I mentioned in an earlier post? Well it seems that when I wrote the word ‘deranged’ I was nearer the truth than I’d imagined.
One of my commentators from that post gave me a link to an ethics committee hearing into the good Councillors behaviour.
In the link it appears that Bartlett has a deluded sense of his own self worth and station in life and he seems to think that he can ride roughshod over everyone and everything he has a grudge against.
It is alleged on 25th November 2005 Bartlett stormed the local offices of the Open College Network and demanded to know who paid the bills there.
…and when asked to explain, became belligerent, demanding and aggressive. It is reported that he refused to leave until a senior member of staff threatened to call the police, and that his behaviour frightened the junior staff present.
Now I’m all for accountability but this is just plain crazy, I mean, If I went to the ASH offices and ranted, raved and demanded like Bartlett about who paid the piper then I’d be arrested and interrogated by a plethora of social workers until forced to wear a white, tied up the back coat. But I’m not a councillor, am I. Anyway it appears that the allegation mentioned on the 8th of February above did not conclude the matter however
Accused Xxxxxx of receiving leaked information about him from another organisation (York House) and that he made these accusations to a number of people, causing tension at the Town Council meetings and making it difficult for Xxxxxx to work closely with Cllr Bartlett arrived at Xxxxxx’s home on 8th May to inquire as to the whereabouts of a meeting (an SSCA meeting) and that Cllr Bartlett became abusive and accused Xxxxxx of turning peopled against him.
 Xxxxxx also alleges that at one point on 8th May Cllr Bartlett raised his hand causing Xxxxxx to fear that he was going to assault her and that Cllr Bartlett then shouted at her as she closed her front door.
I can’t link the two statements as I don’t understand local council gobbledegook but one thing is for certain, Bartlett has a lack of people skills, bordering on full blown schizophrenia, whether they smoke or not!
Anyway, my misgivings about Councillor Bartlett apart Dick Puddlecote is on the case and has found that, when it comes to his outrageous plan to rid the streets of his town of smoking in the open air Bartlett used the usual deceptions that ASH et el would approve of! 
You could not make this shit up, could you?

Update: That esteemed blogger, Dick Puddlecote, has a plan to confront Bartlett about his sleight of hand when addressing the 'butt' litter problem in his town come voting time on the 19th of this month and DP has many followers that want to come with him...I can't wait for this confrontation, I really can't. Go for the jugular DP and friends.


Lysistrata said...

Yes, yes, yes, and yes, TBY.
The more these cockroach loonies crawl out of the woodwork, the better we can stamp on them.

handymanphil said...

" Bartlett has a lack of people skills, bordering on full blown schizophrenia, whether they smoke or not!"
Got to admit Bartlett has got one over on me with the schizophrenia!I can well imagine this clown is well within friend Puddlecote's remit, so we could see a rather rapid resignation from this ego ridden buffoon! Go for the jugular DP :)

The witch from Essex said...

Conservative Party agent Gordon Williams said the local party had "not lost any sleep" over Cllr Bartlett's resignation.
Mr Williams said: "He has not been a committed person over the last few years.

TheBigYin said...

You and schizophrenia don't go together Phil, now Paranoia and you I can understand as you think the likes of ASH et al are after us, and you don't even smoke, how paranoiac is that.

I guess we both are afflicted with paranoia in their minds eh lol.

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