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Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Pat Nurse, campaigner for smokers rights.

Pat Nurse, politician, writer and smokers rights campaigner gave up her Tea and Cigarettes blog at the weekend. It has now been revived by her friend and mine Dick Puddlecote for it's archive potential as Pat wrote masses of posts over the years and they should not be lost to the ether.

It's not in 'our Pat's' nature to go out with a wimper, oh no, she decided to go out with an almighty bang on radio, challenging a prodnose (Anna May Mangen) who wants non smokers and smoke haters alike to challenge pregnant smokers in the street with accusations of afflicting cruelty on the unborn baby in the womb by mothers-to-be smoking a cigarette.

Pat, a mother herself, let rip and put the prodnose in her place with a well placed salvo, showing the smoke hating prodnose up for what she was, a smoke bigot.

I have recorded Pats radio broadcast below as the link to the BBC will vanish in a few days and our readers from abroad cannot listen to it.

Up and at 'em Pat.


Anonymous said...

I loved this, thanks for keeping a record of her fantastic anti bating lol


Sir Henry Morgan said...

When my wife was pregnant with our daughter she used to smoke - tobacco and spliffs. My daughter was/is healthy and very intelligent.

And I wouldn't have dared tell my wife what she could and couldn't do. Nor would anyone else have dared. she was in her thirties and knew better than to allow such a thing. She decided for herself. In this case, to smoke tobacco and daily spliff.

I smoke both too - even now 23 years later.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Well done for capturing that, TBY. It's quite a performance by Pat, especially considering she was facing a published author and regular writer for the Daily Mail and Times, amongst others.

She seems to have made a career out of talking about her kids, like she's the only one in the world to have managed to bring any up properly.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I must say, Pat Nurse is a strikingly fine looking woman.

TheBigYin said...

I was just about to google her DP, you have filled in a gap though.

Noughty noughty Sir Henry (wink wink).

FROSTY said...

Good on yer Pat, so sorry to hear she has stopped blogging, i read her everyday.

Anonymous said...

Pat was absolutely brilliant. I only started reading her blog recently, but I'll miss her...

nisakiman said...

Pat gave a feisty and controlled performance there. I'm sorry to see her blog's demise.

What people like Anna May Mangen don't seem to grasp is that a very large percentage the last few generations worldwide have been born of mothers who smoked, and without a hint of a problem.

And it's suddenly child abuse?

Excuse me, but have I missed something here?

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