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Friday, 2 October 2009

Yep, it's still missing

As I mentioned here, there is a supposedly miraculous Labour achievement which is missing from Gordon Brown's list of his government's brilliant highlights. D'you reckon he might be a bit afraid it will come back and bite his depressed arse?

Can you guess which "single biggest improvement in public health for a generation" was not mentioned?

Clue: It's not the cuddly toy.



BTS said...

I certainly feel much healthier now that I don't go to the pub. All that walking was rather too much for me..

Bearwitch said...

Ermmm, was it something to do with stilettos? I have to say that I probably missed that ban and will continue to wear them, but no doubt people have felt healthier in comfy shoes since the ban.

(sorry for the shoe reference, BTS)

helend498 said...

It's missing because they've realised that it has caused more ill-health than they ever realised - stress due to business failure/broken communities, hate crime and acceptable violence/bullying against smokers that NuLab have whipped up with propaganda, suicides, murders, depression - the list as we all know is endless - yet the list is full of named people.

But they have so-called saved an imaginary number of people??? I'd like to hear how many of these imaginary people would still have been saved, along with saving the named people, had choice been adopted instead of prohibition.

Blanket smoking bans cause huge damage to public health (and the economy) - choice caters for everybody and therefore saves lives and improves the health of the nation, both socially and economically.

Unfortunately, the zealots with vested-financial interests do not care about saving lives. They just care about their bank balances. It certainly shows.

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