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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Stuff and nonsence

Once again Christopher Snowdon highlights the sheer ineptitude of the media to do what is expected of them, investigative journalism!

You would have thought, would'nt you, that mainstream newspapers would not fall for trial by press release, wouldn't you?

Smoking one cigarette in your 20s can send heart attack risk soaring, researchers claim. Just one fag's fumes can stiffen arteries by 25 per cent, restricting blood flow and damaging the heart.

Now I'm off for a dump, chit, forgot to buy bogrolls!  Never mind there's always a substitute.

1 comment:

Barking Spider said...

There's is something that makes one of my arteries stiffen a lot more than 25% and it ain't ciggies! (it might be smoking afterwards, but it ain't caused by ciggies!)

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