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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Rolling in sex appeal

You sexy baccy-rolling mofos, you.

The real point about rolling is that it demonstrates patience, dexterity and an appreciation of the slower pleasures in life — in other words, it’s sexy as hell. It doesn’t matter what the smoker looks like, or how bad their breath is — a perfectly rolled cigarette, executed with slender fingers and a slow flick of the tongue, acts like rhino horn on the female libido. And, naturally, it works the other way around, too: you can look like Harriet Harman, but the moment you reach for your pouch and papers, you are automatically spritzed with essence of sexy rebel.

Apart from the Harman bit, of course. Some people are, unfortunately, doomed to a lifetime of being repulsive to decent society.

No names, no pack drill.


Anonymous said...

Ah the sweetness of a slowly drawn machine
rolled Amber Leaf Roll Up,an extra large
Remy Martin,sirring Flamenco music,through
unwashed windows a glimpse of the Roman Sea
crowned by a myriad of unconquered constellations,the work of an unseen creator,
the design of which is no less or more than the leaf upon which I do now draw.
Spoil not ,my night of simple joy , you who
would refrain ,begone into your sullen corners
and relish your spite and emptiness.

Forever Amber

Gigits said...

I roll my own, and yes, I am fucking sexy!

Apart from my stained fingers and bottom lip...

Anonymous said...

Do you think Debs enjoys sex? More to the point can you imagine anyone who would enjoy it with her? I cannot imagine that even the roll up thing would help but I guess it is sadly unlikely to happen in any case.

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