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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Smokers are Gay

Now I know why I (and Mrs. Yin) took up smoking in our teens.


Phil Johnson said...

All this does is amplify the depths to which anti's are prepared to plummet in pursuit of their ideals. Again, they are using the power of persuasion to brainwash kids simply because they admit that previous methods are not working. I will no be surprised to see a court cade filed over this!

Mark Wadsworth said...

PJ, it's a satire. But as we know life copies satire.

Anonymous said...

As being Gay now seems cool and the fashion then smoking is the same.

Anonymous said...

Considering the percentages of smokers who are gay and lesbian in the US tends to range in the 40% to 55% range, higher in some cities, then it seems the anti-smoking agenda should be one the gay rights advocates stand up to oppose - instead of jumping in on the bandwagon and joining them as they do in San Francisco - which bans outdoor smoking during and after their Gay Pride parades and has anti-smoking signage around the city aimed specifically at gays.

Unfortunately, the anti-smoking rhetoric, name-calling and prejudice has now reached itself into the acceptance level among the gay population, of whom nearly 50% and higher - smoke. It's like buying into and accepting lies about SHS in particular in order to advance an agenda that is unfavorable to the likes and lifestyles of over 50% of your own minority group, and one that is promoted by an anti-smoking group so drenched in vile hatred that once the tipping point is reached in forcing anti-smoking down the gay community's throat as normal, then at which point will this same profession that in previous scourges has gone after gays, among other minorities, then turn face and assault the entire idea of being gay and turn up the prejudice against that - once again.

It's like being in bed with Hitler, a fervant anti-smoker, as a minority group - gays - that was eventually also hated and despised by the same Hitler, who first went after the smokers of course.

The hate and prejudice, villification and denormalization based on lies, it never stops with anti-smoking.

Anti-smoking is the prelude to something worse. Yet the minority groups most affected often buy into the whole charade - and they have, here in San Francisco - because of big pharma presence and funding and big pharma control of all local government.

To hear smokers villified by association as being gay puts derogatory associations onto gay people by making claim that being gay of course is to be looked down upon. This is thus detrimental to the advancement of gay rights in general as it tries to establish being gay as being undesireable.

Yet in San Francisco, anti-smoking assaults the gay population all the time with the help of so-called gay-friendly politicians who support anti-smoking and the gay population refuses to stand up against it - thus sealing their own fate - in the end - when the last curtain falls and the spirit of Hitler steps out into the open - as history has shown in the past - then everyone acts so "suprised".

No suprise here, when the final trumpet blares and the hatred steps out onto center stage, what to expect won't happen does.

Anonymous said...

unbelievable.. how you all take it seriously..

do you take little britain as seriously when those characters go on about smoking

it's called comedy.. stop viewing everything as written by anti!..

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