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Monday, 26 October 2009

Music to my ears, the drinking smoker's lament...

...or a truism?

Not long after I came to the Freedom2Choose forum (which was then called The Big Debate) I came to know Tim and his wife Jenny, who come from a quiet[ish] Yorkshire market town (to us lager lout, estate living people, a no go area) called Knaresborough.

On a cold January day 2008 I got a meeting together of like minded people from Freedom2Choose at The Tardis pub in Redcar (which no longer exists now due to the smoking ban) and it was there that I met Tim and Jenny.

It was no surprise to me to find out that Tim is a musician, as a lot of members of F2C come from a musical background but it was a surprise that he came to our inaugural meeting.  Tim smokes the occasional cigar whereas I puff my bloody head off but he does like a cigar with his pint in a convivial, warm and welcoming atmosphere, as do we all.

It is no surprise then that he has teamed up with another F2C'r called Paul Kearns to produce this fine song.  But before I give you this collaboration here is both musicians doing their own thang...

A video I put together using one of Tim's earlier songs.

And you can see Paul Kearns video here.

Which has ended up with this fine music video collaboration:

1 comment:

handymanphil said...

Nice one boys, these will be available in the f2c online shop shortly.

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