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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Andrew Marr: Churchill would have favoured freedom of choice

Prior to some obscure TV show this week (what was it called again?) some bloke called Nick Griffin caused a bit of a ruckus by claiming that Winston Churchill would have sympathised with the BNP.

While that is, to say the least, highly debatable, Andrew Marr has been pondering what exactly Winnie would have made of Britain today, in preparation for an upcoming book and TV series**. The great man, according to Marr, would have positively abhorred one particular aspect of our current society.

One phrase that would certainly have resonated with the old boy is 'health Nazi' - the interfering busybodies who instruct us on what is good or bad for our health.

He never drank quite as much as he pretended to, but his consumption was still oceanic compared to modern recommendations, and life without cigar-smoking he would have regarded as barbaric. He came from a big-eating, heavy-drinking, tobacco-consuming generation which paid for their pleasures by dying earlier but - it might be argued - had a happier time before the final call.


Marr further argues that the 'Greatest Briton of all time' would have been appalled at the way British citizens are now treated.

My guess, and it's only a guess, is that if Churchill had a single message now, it would be that the wartime generation did not suffer so that their descendants could be treated by their rulers like children.

Indeed. In fact, although it's difficult to ascertain exactly which way Churchill would lean politically if he were alive today, it's easier to imagine the message he would have for the likes of ASH and Alcohol Concern.

I reckon it might be something like this.

With you all the way, Winnie, with you all the way.

** Andrew Marr's The Making Of Modern Britain starts next Wednesday, at 9pm on BBC2.


Anonymous said...

Health fascists like the Labour party should not be allowed on QT.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I am sure his views on the dhimmitude of the UK to the forces of Islam would be some what robust as well

Snowdon said...

He came from a big-eating, heavy-drinking, tobacco-consuming generation which paid for their pleasures by dying earlier

Or, in Churchill's case, at the age of 90.

Anonymous said...

Snowdon - you took the words out of my mouth.

Will Marr have the temerity to make such points on his programme (probably, it's BBC2 so no chance of 'the masses' hearing such subversion)?


helend498 said...

He was a great man and it was a Great Britain in those days.

In fact, it was a Great Britain just a few years ago.

The Health Nazis and the Quangoes have certainly taken over the country (can someone please remind me why we actually still have MPs) and I find it highly amusing, yet not surprising, that the Labour Party and their supporters are calling Griffin a Nazi.

As far as I'm concerned, it takes one to know one!

I live in a labour heartland that is unaffected in the main by immigration (98% plus white population). They hate labour because of the intolerance over their lifestyle choices and the huge state intrusion. They know that Labour hate the BNP. As a result, they are voting BNP out of protest.

Daft, I know. But when one can't even have a comfortable smoke with his pint after the end of a hard week's work - what else can one do other than punish those that let it happen.

Personally, I can't blame them, even though I couldn't support the BNP. I can certainly understand why they are doing it.

Any politician who agrees that the debate over the smoking ban is over needs to be constantly looking over their shoulder. The smoking ban has created a great deal of political upheaval, with more still to come if it is not addressed by the major parties.

Anonymous said...

An excellent point, Helen, and one that tends to be overlooked.

I've no doubt that this Government will fail to do the decent thing and acknowledge, even covertly, that it has been either inompetent or immoral.

Personally, I don't think that it's incompetent. I find it so sinister that I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't congratulating itself in creating an oppressed, exhausted, frightened and aggressive population in readiness for the dictatorship of an omnipotent EU.


helend498 said...

You're probably right Jay.

They are an exhausted government who have achieved the control they were instructed to by the EU, and are now ready to hand us over.

Sinister indeed it is. I also believe that they are unfortunately congratulating themselves.

As I said earlier - I can certainly understand why many of the working-class in the labour heartlands are voting BNP - they are totally unrepresented by any main-stream party. As we all know, the working-class are very often the most patriotic with set British values.

If 'their' party decides to abandom them, then they will abandon them with the only means they have available as they would never vote Tory or LibDem in my local constituency.

Believe you me, they are very, very annoyed. I'm also very, very concerned - being the whimp that I am!

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