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Friday, 2 October 2009

Official: Nurses are allowed to advocate death for smokers

The verdict is in.

Health professionals calling for smokers to die is perfectly acceptable.

In June, Jane DeVille-Almond, a nurse consultant to the NHS, said this on BBC radio.

After hearing such staggering lack of care for humanity from a nurse, a non-smoking but suitably shocked phone-in participant from Southend immediately reacted by asserting, quite correctly, "You should be struck off!"

Not surprising, then, that her sick proposal attracted complaints to the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

According to the NMC's code of conduct, all registered nurses are advised:

•You must treat people as individuals and respect their dignity
•You must not discriminate in any way against those in your care
•You must treat people kindly and considerately

One would assume that calling for smokers to be allowed to die contravenes all three of the above guidelines.

There is no dignity in being allowed to die by a prejudiced health professional. There is nothing kind and considerate in broadcasting to the nation, on a major radio channel, that smokers should be left to die because one disagrees with their personal choices.

And Jane DeVille-Almond, without shadow of a doubt, was actively encouraging discrimination towards her smoking employers (unless she declines smoker money, which of course she wouldn't).

However, the case was heard on Friday and promptly dismissed.

The investigating committee panel has considered this referral and has decided there is no case to answer.

The panel’s reasons for this decision are:

The panel considered all the information before it and concluded that there was no information which would lead it to believe that there was a real prospect of a
finding of current impairment of fitness to practise by a Conduct and Competence Committee.

So there you have it. Hatred of smokers is perfectly acceptable in the nursing community. You can even broadcast that hate to the nation and promote the death of those whom you deem less worthy than you.

Best not tell them then. You can never know what these disgusting people will be sharpening behind your back.

Scared yet?


Anonymous said...

What's the betting that the majority of the panel were anti-smokers.

Anonymous said...

Who will be next ?
Will the drinkers be left to die and anybody overweight will be left untreated.
Will this bitch only allow healthy patients treatment ? Won't be a lot of work there will there ?
This beast DeVille-Almond should be stuck up her own arse as this is where her head is already.

helend498 said...

DeVille-Almond should be thanking smokers not addressing the nation and advocating that they should just die.

Hasn't she read official statistics, or does she just not like the truth - smokers cost a lot less than non-smokers to the health service. Smokers contribute far more to the country than they cost due to the unjust tax that they pay and are paying for health costs of millions of others.

My impression of the nursing profession has certainly changed, and it's no wonder that in the US they are slating our service with its 'death panels'.

It's not just a 'death panel' anymore is it when the hieracrchy agree that it is OK to broadcast this obvious discrimination against millions of UK citizens?

God help us all, because I'm just wondering who is next.

Gigits said...

After watching my father suffering at the hands of uncaring nurses before his death. I don't have much sympathy with nurses.

Glorified botty wipers, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

My uncle was the same Gigits.

I know it isn't the same as a father's loss, and I trust that he now rests in peace, but there is so much suffering in the NHS from uncaring nurses like De-Ville Almond with agendas, that the service needs to be deprived from tax-payer's funding and brought to account.

This admission from the hierarchy just shows that they do not care about healing people - they prefer the highest contributors to their service to die!!

Why - because they have vested financial interests in doing so. The anti-smoking industry and any government that supports it utterly appalls me.


Gigits said...

Thanks, Marion.

My dad was a drinker, not a smoker (he hadn't smoked for 3o years before his death), but his liver problems were treated with contempt and his last few weeks were filled with neglect at the hands of slatternly nurses who, and I witnessed this, could not give a shit.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that anyone is surprised at this decision. Prejudice, unfairness, bullying and judgementalism towards smokers is considered to be "fair comment" by anyone in any position of authority these days, as has been evidenced by countless unfair court decisions, heavy-handed local authority actions, biased media reporting, drip-fed subliminal messages in TV programmes, the permitting of deeply offensive anti-smoking advertising campaigns and, of course, this Government's much-beloved smoking ban, which gave tacit permission for every anti-smoking zealot in the country to indulge themselves in a free, no-risk pop at smokers at every opportunity.

And all the while the non-targets of this barefaced prejudice have sat back, passively and apathetically, saying nothing. If the people of this country cannot now see the stunning similarities between the Healthist movement of today and the anti-Semitic movement of Germany in the 1930s then they genuinely, thoroughly, and totally deserve everything that's coming to them in the next few years.

And coming it is, no matter how much they keep their head below the parapet. "First they came for ……." As true now as it was then – but is anybody listening?


budgie said...

From Cruella's web site:

'Listed here are some of the previous projects that DeVille Almond Ltd have been involved in

Pub Clinics

In July 1997, over a period of three days I held my first pub surgery with at ‘The Moxley Arm’ situated in the main high street of Moxley, a socially deprived area in the West Midlands. During the lunch time and evening surgeries 3 of us saw over 100 men, many of whom were discovered to have one or more long-term health risk problem.

These included alcohol intakes of over 150 units a week, diastolic blood pressures of over 110, smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day, high cholesterol and blood sugar levels, early and more established symptoms of prostate problems, body mass indexes of 35+, some worrying drug problems and signs of depression.'

The goal posts appear to have moved somewhat these last 12 years......

Anonymous said...

If she goes into hospital she should be allowed to die, because she hasn't paid all the extra taxes like smokers.

B7 said...

Have you been on government diversity course recently? a small slip of the tongue with a racial overtone can lose you your job.

Strange how nurses can advocate the death of smokers and have no case to answer and still remain in employment.

Gordon Brown and Labour you are guilty of allowing hatred, discrimination and marginalistion of smokers and for wasting billions of pounds in promoting legalised divisions in our society.

Anonymous said...

'It's not just a 'death panel' anymore is it when the hieracrchy agree that it is OK to broadcast this obvious discrimination against millions of UK citizens?'

Not surprised but utterly scunnered at how these people patronise us with their so-called investigations. It would have been more honest if they had just told us to p*** off and just die in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Some exceptionally intelligent comments here in comparison to the anti smokers who's usual comment is:

'filthy smokers make my hair stink and I dont want to get cancer from them'

Sums it up really !!

Anonymous said...

Every insitution in this country, from top to bottom is staffed by people like DeVille, interested only in their own perverted ideologies & advancement.

As to the NMC they should hang their heads in shame, they're no better than DeVille. They've condoned what she advocated, killing smokers, well to me just letting them die with no treatment is killing them, in essence murder. What happened to 'first do no harm'.

It tells you what the medical profession has come to when doctors let a mentally ill woman who drank anti-freeze die, she had tried to commit suicide many times, they refused to treat her in case they were prosecuted because she had written a living will, did they not deduce that if she'd have really wanted to die she wouldn't have called an ambulance.

It's occurred to me the woman was a smoker and they agreed with what DeVille advocated and just let her die.

I believe that the medical professions hippocratic oath is now obsolete.

Many, such as DeVille, should be in the abbatoir business, they should not be let loose on human beings, and definitely nowhere near the children they profess to care about.

DeVille and the NMC brings to the fore the evil that now runs through government, institutions and quangos in this country. It's frightening.

As a poster on here said they're reverting to the 1930's.

Ron Russell said...

And the progressives are trying to ram Obamacare down our throats here in American. Big government never cares about the little people and the more power these bastards get the fewer rights we have, I smoke when I want and the hell with those who dare to tell me no in that round-about way of higher taxes and reduced medical benefits. I paid more than my share of taxes everytime I buy a pack of cigs and I thought that was the purpose of those outrageous taxes on tobacco. Fu#k these politicans and those who vote for these progressive freaks.

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