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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Careful now

Via Man Widdicombe, another inspired piece of marketing from Brewdog, who you may remember being attacked for their Tokyo* brew a couple of months ago.

As a response, they have released their new beer, entitled Nanny State, which weighs in at an Alcohol Concern wet dream level of 1.1% alcohol.

The label is a sarcastic delight to free choicers everywhere.

At BrewDog we appreciate your inability to know your limits - especially when it comes to alcohol – which is why we've created Nanny State.

This idiosyncratic little beer is a gentle smack in the right direction.

It's time to draw your net curtains, sit back with Nanny and watch your favourite episode of Last Of The Summer Wine. It's finally safe to enjoy alcohol again.

Please note: BrewDog recommends that you only drink this beer whilst wearing the necessary personal protective equipment and in a premises that has passed a full health and safety risk assessment for optimum enjoyment.

Once the obligatory reference to is added, the urine-extracting message will be complete.



Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,
Why worry about Nanny 1.1% making it's debut
in Sporransville,down below Watford they've
been swilling such mead since Christmas Day
1066 hence the Southern Jessie's eagerness for wine and champers,"going for a meal"and
other Nancy rituals.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Are we opening up a North v South battle here?

If so, bring it on, the evidence from Bournemouth tends to suggest we can cope. ;-)

TheBigYin said...

Oh Dick, you Southern ponce you, as if we would. Who else would we have a go at...the French?

A moan is a good moan...hehehe.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the advantage of having a kilt is that you can't p155 in your pants after a half of lager and lime.

Dave Atherton

TheBigYin said...

Whether you p155'd in yer kilt Dave is irrelevant, it's wheter you have p155'd in your brains, now that is relavant.

Oh chit, I've just pissed in my brains, again!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Dave A & Dick P, the southern massive. ;-)

TheBigYin said...

Yeah right, you big southern softies...bring it on...lololol.

Eee, I do love a north/south handbag fight...our handbags are harder than yours, so there!

Tich said...

Let's not even think about this one !!

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