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Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Smoking Ban Song revisited

The UK smoking ban experiment has hit pubs and clubs hard from day 1.  Time for a laugh methinks.

Language alert...GREAT!  I feel like letting off some verbal steam!

BTW F2C has no videos of this song left, they went to new members in 2007/8.


Mark Wadsworth said...

That is brilliant! How come I've never heard it before? I'd love to see it in the charts.

TheBigYin said...

I hadn't heard of this until, late 07, Belinda Cunnison from F2C (Scotland) said she could get a job lot from Terry Moore. She sent me one hundred of them and I sent them out 'free gratis' to new signers to freedom2choose. I try and spread this song far and wide. Didn't I go and forget to keep a copy for myself but luckily I'd ripped it and put it on Youtube but had to bastardise it. I pulled the two pieces and 'glued' them together hence the 'click' you hear early on. After the song there is another ten minutes of comedy which you don't see on the vid above.

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