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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Filthy smokers? - Filthy NHS!

It is not often a glut of gloating can be served up but his truly is an absolute gem!

Some of you may remember my 'masterblast' at Leicester City/County Council for their wondrous initiative of spending approximately £164,000.00 on quit smoking' advisors - including a special operative to council pregnant women! The top earner was to be payed a ridiculous £34K per annum.
Further down the page was a cramped report stating that Leicester hospitals had to reduce beds by 200!
Today is the day of retribution, the day the smokers have the last laugh, the day the ridiculously labour orientated Leicester Council get scrambled egg all over their scrambled brains, but it is not such good news for people generally.

According to todays report "Inspectors who carried out spot-checks at seven East Midlands ambulance stations – including Loughborough and Narborough Road in Leicester – discovered a catalogue of hygiene problems."
What's this, a catalogue of hygene problems?
How on earth can their be problems when LCC considered the biggest problem to be eradicated were the smokers who, apparently, caused their hospitals to be full to overflowing. getting the populace to quit smoking (including pregnant women) would surely mean that the original 200 bed reduction would be achieved. All they have managed is to clog up the doorway to A&E with smokers who take a certain satisfaction in ignoring the 2 minute audio repetition of "this is a non smoking hospital, smoking is banned on these hospital grounds", righty ho then!
The report gets better! "Among the most serious was medical equipment which should have been thrown away after one use being cleaned and used again. These included forceps used to remove foreign bodies from the mouth and throat."
Being cleaned and re-used? I wonder who came up with that one as a cost saving exercise then? I mean, cleaning forceps must have saved them a monkey (£500) a year. NHS saved then! A few more mysterious deaths but a few quid saved so that's OK.
Better stil,l "Inspectors found that as well as being reused, "most" of the forceps they looked at were also 'visibly dirty at the tips'".
Aha, so we've got liquid hand cleansers every 5 yards within the hospital to thwart such as MRSA but we can be treated with filthy, stinking, germ ridden medical equipment on the way to the hand cleansing dispensers!
At No1 this week pop pickers (bug recipients), "Not all of the ambulances inspected in Leicestershire had a supply of hand detergent wipes, which are key to helping stop the spread of superbugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile (C Diff), and four out of seven hygiene hand gel dispensers inspected at the ambulance stations were empty."
Beginning to sound to me that need an extra 200 beds not a 200 reduction for all the home accident patients that need transporting to A&E within the confines of a cattle truck style ambulances for a few gashes that need stitching could well end up filled up with killer bugs prior to arrival!
As a final damnation of our ambulance services it was stated, "In their report, the officials said: "On inspection, we found evidence the trust has breached the regulation to protect patients, workers and others from the risks of acquiring healthcare-associated infection."
Oh dear me, 'the trust has breached.....'.
Now why would they bother too much about this serious catalogue of crimes against patients/people when they simply informed all smokers (illegally) that "this is a non smoking hospital, smoking is banned on these hospital grounds".
They will sort this grossly embarrassing situation out for the simple reason that they cannot afford even one 'mysterious death' after the release of this report for it gives any family member the opportunity of suing the trust because 'little Johnny' had to go to hospital because he fell off the slide but died of MRSA somehow! Unless of course 'little Johnny's' death was covered up as a heart attack due to trauma - well, I wouldn't put anything past 'administrations' these days!
Just think, LCC could have not wasted £164K on 13 (yes thirteen) quit smoking advisors - one would have done - and spent the money on hospital/ambulance services instead. Then, at least we could have all been ferried to the Royal Infirmary, Glenfield or the General in the knowledge that we were in a 100% sterile and safe environment and not liable to have contracted some killer disease on the way.
But this is like most of Labours catalogue of hopeless causes, ignore that which is imperative to the wellbeing of the people and waste £millions on denying people their human right of choice.

If they want to make cuts in public spending then quite simply remove these 13 anti smoking numpties from the Council payroll, chuck half the saved expenditure on proper health services - like cleaning and kitting out ambulances properly. Just think of it, smokers would feel so persecuted and hospital bound patients would have a considerably better chance of living!

They could even save money by turning off that irritating bitch on the yannoy system outside A&E - now just where did I put my wire cutters?


Anonymous said...

Please make sure that those pliers are sterile.

The witch from Essex said...

Trust the NHS to kill you !!
13 'advisors' is a disgusting waste of valuable resources and this 'Trust' should be injected with the pig flu virus and treated in the filthy place they call a hospital

TheBigYin said...

It is intolerable to me, and many others I suspect, that the NHS wastes money like this while front line services have to take draconian measures to do their job because of the lack of money when YOUR money is being wasted like this.

Yesterday I bought the TV Times and amongst the usual rubbish falling out from between the pages was a glossy tri folded diatribe about stopping smoking and how you can get a DVD for free from the NHS. Now one can assume this was aimed for local consumption (I never read much past the first page before I tore it up) but think how much this intrusion into my reading habits would cost if it is rolled out nationally, which I do not doubt it has been?

I fully understand the phrase "prevention is better than cure" but I fail to see where anti smoking pamphlets, DVD'S, TV adverts et al have saved one life as the junk science does not live up to scrutiny. The money given to the NHS by us, the taxpayer, should be spent on frontline services, not anti smoking rhetoric and tobacco control freaks.

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