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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The level of debate

Which is more harmful to society? A smoker or a ranti-tobacco loon?


Anonymous said...

Anything from the USA
for the 100th time
Non Gradus Anus Rodentum

Sitting Bull

TheBigYin said...

I demand that this video be banned from this blog, it is offensive in it's use of profanity and it is about time the blogosphere is cleaned up and sanitised! I never came here to hear such language. What was this video about again?

Barking Spider said...

Just about totally sums up where we're at, DP - fucking brilliant!

Anonymous said...

If anyone hasn't realised that anti-smokers kill, then they must be in dream noddy land.

This is a powerful video, but let's face it - this is what anti-smokers are advocating.

They push for blanket smoking bans (which kill people). They push for the denormalisation of smokers (which kills people). They push for the use of their drugs (which kill people).

If it takes a violent video like this to get the truth out, then so be it. People need to know what's going on seeing as governments are brainwashed.

I don't suppose the government would like to know how beneficial moderate smoking can be to one's health? No, I thought not. They haven't bothered to even commission a scientific study, have they?


TheBigYin said...

Save our Pubs & Clubs.....A meeting has been arranged for all
concerned licensees at the ASHTON CLUB, 24a, Sheep Street, Bicester,
Oxon. Wed 21st, October @7pm.....If you want to save further closures
then please come along and join like minded people.

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