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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Merthyr foster ban condemned by just about everyone

Here's a statistic for you.

Merthyr Council’s website states it has 173 children in foster care and 69 fostering households in Merthyr Tydfil, yet it needs more.

That's a three figure deficit in adequate care for children. So what is the council's response? To irrationally ban smokers from fostering.

A CONTROVERSIAL no smoking policy for foster carers and adopters has been given the green light by Merthyr councillors.

Read the article if you like, but there is no signal anywhere within their ridiculous diktat that the practice of smoking in the presence of children is being banned ... just a prejudicial exclusion of smokers from fostering.

With children languishing in council care, this is not only highly irresponsible, it is nothing less than child abuse.

As previously reported here, a councillor who was adopted himself, has defected to UKIP over the matter as a result.

He's not alone in being disgusted by Merthyr council either. Further condemnation has come from radio personality Jon Gaunt, another who was fostered successfully and lovingly in the past by a smoker, and reprised his justified rant at Redbridge council (they being the ideological cunts who dreamed such an arrogant and disgusting policy in the first place).

“These councils are not putting the needs of children first, they are getting caught up in political dogma. These people are health fascists.”

Still, at least Merthyr can count on the Fostering Network charity to back them up, or maybe not.

A spokesman said: “A total ban could mean you could lose out on a number of good foster parents.”

We are used to seeing anti-smoker bans for the sake of the chiiildren, but it really does drag the depths of bigoted, hideous, self-righteous, conceited, disgraceful behaviour when a council purposely sets out to abuse the children in their care in order to push their selfish, misguided, damaging and entirely prejudicial anti-smoking agenda.

Merthyr council, especially Head Of Operational Children’s Services, Roslyn Rees, are beneath contempt.

They may have been swept away with the faux science foisted on their limited brains by ASH and other state-sponsored dick-scabbards, but to extend such hysteria to smokers in general while kids rot in council care is truly rancid.

You really don't want to know what I'd like to do to these cunts, so I think I'll leave it there.


helend498 said...

The health facists are now guilty of child-abuse as well as murder.

These policies are wrong and will certainly back-fire.

No doubt these poor children will be made the scapegoats and not the nanny state interference.

God help the future of our country with this sort of thing now going on.

Anonymous said...

Sickening to have to read that Dick, those vile people demean real child abuse. Then it will be anyone who drinks alcohol/wine with a meal, and people who ae are the large size.
The kids in care will not have a chance, just because people do none of the above, it does not make them "perfect" foster parents. It really beggers belief how low some people can go with their purist ideas.

Anonymous said...

Will we see thousands of taffs marching behind
their beloved bands and choirs picketing the
Merthyhr town hall or will they be to
pre occupied watching Gavin and Stacey.
Shut the pits,shut the steel mills,shut the
factories,shut Barry Island,shut the pubs and
clubs,just settle for Eisteddfods,resevoirs and
caravan sites**,Bach,Good night ,God bless in

**Do normal people still stay on such
shed enclosures

Glyndower the pit pony

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