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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Freedom To Choose Press Release: Public Health Concerns Raised Over ‘Fire Safe’ Cigarettes

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Public Health Concerns Raised Over ‘Fire Safe’ Cigarettes


Public health concerns are growing against the support given to ‘fire safe’ cigarettes from fire brigade chiefs, the Scottish government1 and RIP coalition2.

Whilst any campaign to reduce the number of fatal fires within the country is commendable, the damage to public health with the use of harmful substances, including increased toxicity levels and chemical coatings, appears to have gone unnoticed.

Freedom2Choose are warning that Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarettes (RIPs) have not yet been tested on humans, and whilst perfectly acceptable from a fire-safety point of view, their harmful effects and modifications have yet to be tested by the scientific community with regard to public health.3

Andy Davis, chairman of Freedom2Choose states, “It appears that Scotland wants to be the first in the UK to introduce these potentially lethal cigarettes and Nationalist MSP Stewart Maxwell has already lodged a motion for their introduction. Has he no regard for the health of Scottish citizens?”

Freedom2Choose has exposed the devious methods conducted for the Fire Research Report (8) which ensured that the intended results for the RIP coalition were ‘proved’.4

“Certain materials which would not smoulder or burn were discarded and ignored in the study, and lit cigarettes were placed between layers of material to maximize damage. This would never happen in normal life,” claims Andy Davis. “Even if these modified papers are an effective way of fire-prevention, they are potentially dangerous to consumers and should not have even been considered until rigorous scientific tests have proved their safety.”

Spokesperson: Dave Atherton: 0208 988 3038


PDF version


1 Support for ‘fire safe’ cigarettes

2 RIP Coalition

3 Science and Public Health duped on RIP Cigarettes

4 Fire Research Report (8)


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