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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Harriet “Harpic” Harman - The worm that turned!

HARRIET HARPIC HARMAN has demanded that one of Labour’s two top posts should always be held by a woman — because she believes men cannot be trusted to run organisations on their own.

Any resemblances to the words above and the video below are purely coincidental… I think.


B7 said...

Message to Harriet, the top 2 Labour posts should be left vacant as there is know one in the Labour party capable of filling these positions.

Gigits said...

Christ, that brings back memories for me!

I posted about the harpy earlier, and I contemplated doing something based around "The Worm That Turned". So fucking relevant!

helend498 said...

She is one dangerous worm - said by a woman to a woman.

The best person for the job should get the job with no favouritism towards EDIMs.

No wonder our country's in the mess it's in with these ridiculous policies.

Nannying women in politics have wrecked our country - again said from a woman to a woman.

I've no problem with women who can do the job correctly. But these women obviously cannot.

They are out of their depth and as such are soft and are influenced by lobbyists.

Man in the Street said...

Great stuff, I was looking for a pic of the ladies in leather boots for a blog post. Should have taken one from the vid instead.

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