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Saturday, 15 August 2009

The 'Ear' beats the 'Eye'

Just think of a sleepy little market town where, it could be anywhere in England. This one happens to be 3 miles from Peterborough just off the A47, fractionally inside the Cambridgeshire border and quaintly named "Eye". Business once thrived in this market town to which people moved to escape the hustle & bustle of city life, yet were near enough to such for work purposes.
This is a market town that once boasted many watering holes for the residents to enjoy beers, conversation and community spirit, yet by the year 2,000 the village was down to a brace of public houses for such purpose.
Now, midway through 2009, only 2 years into this dreadful Draconian smokeban, the sleepy little market town boasts NO pubs at all. How can this be?Let's play with figures for a while.
Eye has 2,000 residents of varying ages so let's suppose that 25% of the population enjoy a tipple-of varying degrees of course. Market towns are renowned for business and socialising being conducted in the pub, therefore it would be reasonably safe to assume that the lone pub would enjoy the custom of 500 bodies if they all visited the same day, but we know that scenario would never happen unless free beer was on offer-and even then some would decline! As the national statistic shows that 68% of regular drinkers are smokers we can assume that 340 of the inhabitants are pub goers (I know this is tedious but we might as well use figures the way the gov't do).
July 1st, 2007 saw the worst piece of legislation ever, imposed on the good people of this land-you've guessed it already-THE SMOKEBAN.
The anti smoking brigade, led by the WHO, ASH, CRUK etc have steadily beaten our politicians into submission with a sustained campaign of hatred against that which they cannot tolerate-the smell of smoke; and that's all it boils down to. Following on from Godbers (may he rot in hell) initial requirement of using deception to gain that which HE wanted, various organisations have jumped on the anti smoker bandwagon to such an extent that this pathetic government have bent to their will and implemented the total smokeban on the back of lies, fabrication, manipulated statistics & (worst of all) junk science. Of course they have denied all of this and trotted out the same old garbage of "how successful" the smokeban has been, how the people "are so much healthier" since the ban-bah humbug! They do not consider that they have removed freedom of choice from the people, they do not consider they have done anything to the detriment of the country. Basically, they are completely brainwashed muppets that we (well, the majority of the people) had the stupidity to vote into power over a decade ago.
Thankfully we now have the proof of the duplicity involved thanks to the nimble mind and agile pen of our good friend Christopher Snowdon (author of Velvet Glove, Iron Fist) as he has uncovered the truth through the FOI. The days of these quango's are numbered methinks!
But back to our market town. Using our own figures we have 340 supposed regular drinkers in Eye, yet the last pub in this once thriving market town has closed its doors. Why?
Surely one single public house in a community of 2,000 souls can survive a recession, I mean to say, pubs peaked during the 70's recession. They are the social hub of communities where all trouble and joys, ills and wellbeing are discussed by habituees over a pint or five.
One pub and 340 possible subscribers-yet it's shut!
Now we come to the crux of the matter. The 340 almost guaranteed subscribers are no longer welcome in the public house, The Queens Head actually. The smokeban cast them out into the cold; the new society lepers have spoken with their feet-they've buggered off! They have left the pub high and dry, literally as the wet sales have plummeted to such an extent that opening for business is no longer viable. It is no longer profitable, it is no longer the hub of the community for 68% of the pub community has been effectively barred by a government who have listened to lunatic, destruction groups hellbent on world control and domination of peoples lives.
So we now have a market town steeped in history that is bereft of a public house for any of its 2,000 inhabitants to enjoy simply because healthists have gained the EAR of politicians and anti smokers and have now defeated the good people of EYE.


Barking Spider said...

Brilliant post. I sincerely hope that these quangos' days ARE numbered and that we can get back to being a civilised country.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity that smokers did not decide from day one that they would not be visiting any establishment that they were once welome in.
Instead of 'happily' standing out in the freezing cold and pissing rain, they should have just stayed away.
Then the outcry would have been enough to amend this ban.
Instead they still went to the pubs and restaurants and obeyed the Law by standing outside to smoke like idiots.

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