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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Tories in glass houses

Raedwald recently picked up on the above picture which Nanny Knows Best has been using for a while. It was drawn in the 1950s but is acutely accurate when applied to the current Labour administration.

The Tories seem to really like it too. It attracted rave reviews from some of their MPs when it was sent to them recently.

Very good. Thanks for sending it to me.
John Randall (Conservative, Uxbridge)

A great poster which I hadn’t seen before. How very true. Thank you
Peter Luff (Conservative, Mid Worcestershire)

Peter Bottomley (Conservative, Worthing West)

A classic! Thank you.
Oliver Heald (Conservative, North East Hertfordshire)

Thank you for sending this to me - very true!
Andrew Rosindell (Conservative, Romford)

Presumably the same goes for a Welshman's home?
David Jones (Conservative, Clwyd West)

Kudos to David Jones for at least studying the message enough to spot the small writing about an Englishman's castle.

None seemed to notice any irony in the rather larger "If you want to call your soul your own" bit though, seeing as all of the above were quite happy to enthusiastically vote for the blanket smoking ban.

As they were party to legislation which detailed the subsequent powers to be installed as a result, they were well aware that the Health Act would create a brand new layer of interfering clipboard-carriers and surreptitious busybodies. Whether measuring the width of tarpaulin to ascertain if smokers are cold enough, or peering through windows when the premises are closed, their entire existence is attributable to self-serving hypocrites such as these.

Remember that one of the exemptions blithely rejected by these 'property rights advocates' was that of private members clubs being permitted to apply a policy determined by their members. Instead, such places are now beholden to the gleeful intervention of peak-capped curtain-twitchers such as those in the 1950s picture.

It would seem that choice of self-determination and the right to call your soul your own, are concepts only afforded to those who fall in line with the personal prejudices of some Tory MPs. The fact that a comprehensive ban was not presented to the public democratically in 2005 makes their insistence on introducing more nannying and local authority interference even more baffling.

Those pointy noses above may be enjoyable for the aforementioned MPs to laugh at, but for every one in the picture, these Tories have approved the installation of another few hundred in real, full technicolour, life.

Well done guys.


Anonymous said...

They all look a bit like Peter Mandleson.

Anonymous said...

These purple Tories need an exceptionally
large dose of looking at,asking some awkward
questions and made to feel uneasy with the world. Seek out every last bit of bad news,
every dodgy cent,the tiniest bit of naughtiness and let the world know unless they
change their views before the election.

Ex Con

Fausty said...

I believe the ban is the brainchild of the EU - possibly even the WHO/UN. The UN's own buildings have no smoking ban - just like our very own Parliament.

Self-serving hypocrites, all.

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