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Saturday, 15 August 2009


They have the qualifications, they toiled like Trojans to achieve their diplomas, they deserve respect, doff your caps to our educated peers!.

We are told that qualifications are the key to better future, and it was widely reported in the national media of Bobby McHales qualification achievement.

Bobby now looks to have bright future and the world at his feet after being awarded a certificate ratified by an exam board under a £20,000 a year government funded initiative.

Using initiative, Bobby was awarded the USING PUBLIC TRANSPORT (UNIT 1) award. The certificate clearly states his achievement and they are clearly listed on the certificate as demonstrating the ability to:-

  • walk to the local bus stop;
  • stand or sit at the bus stop and wait for the arrival of a public bus;
  • enter the bus in a calm and safe manner;
  • be directed to a downstairs seat by a member of staff;
  • sit on the bus and observe through the windows;
  • wait until the bus has stopped, stand on request and exit the bus.

When Bobby received his certificate he read it out to his family and they all fell about laughing, --- luckily they saw the funny side.

This fruitless waste of space scheme is run by --- "Bury and Rochdale Activity generation outdoor activities scheme" --- and is reminiscent of another fruitless waste of space and money wasting scheme "the smoking ban".

The MPs that voted for the smoking ban may be academically qualified in various fields but how many are suitably qualified to comment on the effects of smoking and second hand smoke?. --- At a guess none!. ------ "They really should research the facts".

Maybe each MP has been issued with a "Bury and Rochdale certificate in INTRODUCING SMOKING BANS (UNIT 1) and is now deemed to be fully qualified to vote on a subject they know very little about.

An educated guess at the achievements that may be listed on the certificate, demonstrating the ability to:-
  • Only listen to bogus statistics, produced by government funded fake charities;
  • Stick Your fingers in your ears at smokers protests;
  • Condone exorbitant financial penalties on any minor smoking related misdemeanours.
  • Ignore the destruction of the great British heritage the great British Pub.
  • Condemn to closure a multitude of small corner shops due to the banning of cigarette displays, read the special report "the dark market".

Looking at the list I am sure you can add many more so called acheivements to be included on the MPs diplomas, --------- It seems not only have that they have passed UNIT 1 but they have been awarded the full "Bury and Rochdale" Degree.------


Anonymous said...

Bury and Rochdale, ah now then, two boroughs
taking prominent roles in the Descent of Man.
Not the ordinary folk,they are but diamonds
suffocated by the turds who control these
dismal gulags. Sort of places that have not suffered from the smoking ban,they were to
dead to die any further.The kids have time of
school to wave at the packed trams.
Once noble cotton towns, now Manchester
jobworths settlements,Pity really

Gracie Fields IV

helend498 said...

B7 - I've read the Dark Market. Appalling. No doubt what has been discovered from these Freedom Of Information requests will be swept under the carpet.

Policy-making in the UK has stooped to the lowest level that could be imaginable. It's criminal what happened there.

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