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Tuesday, 4 August 2009


We live in the UK, we pride ourselves on living in a country where justice always prevails, the true guilty will be found guilty, the innocents will be found innocent.

If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, ---- everyone is protected except
law abiding tax paying smokers it seems.

Yesterday Chris Minihan, from Liverpool was found guilty of a smoking offence with no tangible evidence and was fined £715.00 including costs of just because he is a confessed smoker who allegedly used a perfectly legal product an e-cigarette. in the cab of his vehicle.

According to the smoking Gestapo officer enforcement officer Yvonne Taylor, she watched his arm come in and out of the window with a cigarette, which got smaller on each occasion. She said "I could clearly see smoke emitting from the cab and the motion of him flicking ash,"------ "I then observed the cigarette stub flying from the driver's hand on to the grassed area below."

The trouble is as he is a confessed smoker, the prosecution do not need any evidence, They failed to Produce:-

  • Any samples of ash:-

  • Any Cigarette stub:-

  • Any photographic evidence, even a picture of the alleged cigarette stub that was clearly indicated to have been on the grassed area below:-
The smoking Gestapo officer enforcement officer was described as a credible witness by the chairman of the bench but failed to produce any tangible evidence, it seems that you do not need any tangible evidence if you want to prosecute a smoker.

Quite rightly Mr Minihan is lodging an appeal and may take the appeal all the way to the European courts of human rights.

In the true spirit of
Elmer Fudd, council officials stated Mr Minihan had been offered the opportunity to pay the fines but had declined and opted for court action and the council will continue to enforce the legislation on littering and smoking in accordance with national guidelines and council policy.

This begs the question why the fuck should Mr Minihan even consider paying a fine for alleged littering where is the evidence? --- He has broken no national guidelines by smoking an E-cigarette, --- and is the stated -- "council policy" --- a secret policy to persecute innocent smokers.

And to any smoking Gestapo officer a*seho*e reading this in the words of Elmer Fudd:-

Dis begs the qwestion why shouwd Mw Minihan even considew paying a fine fow awweged wittewing whewe is the evidence? He has bwoken no nationaw guidewines by smoking an E-cigawette, and is the stated -- counciw powicy --- a secwet powicy to pewsecute innocent smokews.

Why don't you get a pwopew job instead of pewsecuting innocent waw abiding tax payews and acting wike a twumped up wittwe Hitwew.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Very well put B7. Though confused with the Pythonesque Elmer Fudd bit. Oi did laff though.

Barking Spider said...

These fucking robots make me sick....and seethe!

The witch from Essex said...

Hopefully when the poor bloke gets found not guilty by a higher court he will sue the slag who lied about what she saw.
There can be no way that this case is over. It's one word against another and the court needs to prove 'beyond reasonable doubt' that he is 'guilty.
This they have not yet done.

Ex-Pubbite said...

I suppose in the future, these arse wipes will have to move in pairs so that they can lie to cover each other. More cost to the tax payer. Still it's easy to spend what aint yours.

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