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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Apparently, we now 'choose' to smoke outside

Yes, she is irritatingly and falsely self-righteous, has abused a system which lends itself to such, and really should be given a slap.

A woman who fell over in stilettos on a night out has won £18,000 in compensation. Selena Gilder, who had been drinking, broke a leg outside a pub when her heel became caught in a crack in the ground.

The 40-year-old took legal action against the pub's insurers, who settled out of court. Miss Gilder was on a girls' night out with four friends in October 2007 when the accident happened.

She had gone into the courtyard of The Albion pub in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, to smoke when her three-inch heel became stuck in a gap in some concrete.

Yes, a bona fide dickhead. We smokers would tend to agree. And why not when the abandonment of personal responsibility as a general rule of life is more than partly a contributory factor for the lack of sanity involved in smoking bans.

The one accusation you cannot possibly level at this annoying berk is that she 'chose' to be outside with her cigarette. But check the comments appended to the article for those who do.

Isn't it odd that the idea of freedom of choice only comes into play as a stick to beat smokers, and only when it suits a completely different argument.

Were those applying such logic advocating personal responsibility and self-determination before the government took away any such option with a law which wasn't democratically tested? What do you reckon?


Shibby said...

Freedom to choose the exact thing they want you to and nothing else.

budgie said...

An accident waiting to happen, given the unwise cocktail of alcohol, stilettos and a high centre of gravity.....

Anonymous said...

Let nobody speak of freedom and liberty ,then
in the next breath mutter Parliamentary Democracy. Many interests have good reason to
applaud Westminster but the people and justice
are not amongst them.Let those who wish to
cowtow to so called democracy carry on,
hopefully there are others who have other ideas.


Griblett said...

How long before the drinking establishments insurers refuse cover for outside smoking on said establishments premises?

How long before you'll have to sign a disclaimer, if you 'choose' to go outside for a smoke, absolving owners of licensed premises against injury litigation caused by your 'choice'?

How long before some dumbarse tries to sue someone for the health problem they have due to being 'allowed' to smoke on the owners premises?

To hades in a handcart and don't spare the litigation lawyers.

Pat Nurse said...

I have noticed the antis stealing our words such as "freedom" "choice" and "choose" when pushing people to give up such as : "make the choice to live a healthier life" ... "Choose freedom from cigarettes.." It's a bit like Newspeak from Orwell's 1984 when words are changed to give new meaning such as "war means peace.." They are obviously trying a new brain washing tactic!

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