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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Smoking is a burning issue in Milwaukee. Elect me and I will repeal the smoking ban…

Controversy over Wisconsin's new smoking ban is lighting up the race for governor [ed: smoking ban, lighting up the race…geddit?].
It centers on one candidate's take on the new law.
Who lit this particular match I wonder?
Republican Scott Walker told a newspaper reporter on Saturday that, if elected, he would sign a repeal of the ban.
Way to go Scott, If I was a smoking resident of your fair city I’d vote for y..oh.
But earlier this week, Walker said it was too early to consider exemptions to the smoking ban.
There’s always going to be a butt, I just new it! Hmmm, to early huh? I mean, it’s not as if there is no historical evidence where smoking bans are concerned.
But hey, I’m digressing and interrupting a bunfight between to ideologically opposed political parties who’s candidates for mayor are fighting each other to pull the taxpayers purse strings, right? Wrong:
The new comments come one day after his republican challenger Mark Neumann said he would sign a repeal of the ban if elected.
That’s a big “if” Mark (and would you still fight for the disaffected smoker/property rights/small buisnesses  if you don’t win?) 
Siding with the new Jews and Blacks is surely a vote loser, depriving you of public money office...surely?
Walker's campaign said he's been consistent on the issue, but his opponents don't see it that way.
"I'm a business guy and when we say something we stay put on what we say, and it is what it is with Scott," said Mark Neumann. "Let the people decide."
Mark, Scott, sign the effing paper to repeal this stupid ban!
And Mark, Scott, I am watching this with baited breath even though the video leaves me just as perplexed as the Wisconsin voters!
I guess there’s no business like show political business.
I leave you with Harry Hill and his hilarious skit on one of our notorious bansterbators, who wants to take the fun out of cooking (and eating,) Jamie Oliver:


Michael J. McFadden said...

The nice thing about that race with Walker and Neumann is that either one of them is predicted to win easily over the Democrat in the main race. Soooo.... if that stays true we may indeed see a repeal of a major US ban. The Governor probably has limited powers though: He might be able to propose and push for a repeal but the legislature would probably cast the real vote. The main power of the governor/president here resides in the Veto. If it's a bill they DON'T like they can keep it from passage by simple majority and require a 2/3 vote.


Anonymous said...

At least they're talking about it. For the first time in years I've hear a major politician talking about the smoking ban.... Nick Clegg has just posted a video on Your Freedom saying that they will NOT be looking at the smoking ban. Even more disingenuously, he linked it in with capital punishment as if anti-ban folks are right-wing lunatics who want a regressive step backwards. Disgusting.

I can't belive I'm saying this but it may well be time to start taking direct action.

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