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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Firebug-The UK tour

 Posted in absentia by Phil Johnson, Chairman of Freedom2Choose.


Here is a story that deviates from the norm as ASH (spit), CRUK (spit) do not enter into the equation. Unfortunately tobacco Control do-to a certain degree.

One of our members goes by the name of Juliette Tworsey, a pretty girl with a penchant for music. To that end she formed a group a while back that are quickly gaining a name for themselves over in the States.


From leading in bigger name bands Firebug have quickly risen up the musical ranks so that they now star as the main attraction at concerts.

Juliette is a girl full of life, every day is a new challenge as she and the boys march relentlessly onward in the music world. However, she has one major gripe – the smoking ban! She said, ”it is ridiculous when playing inside that anything up to 70% of your audience are hanging around the exit doors, or even outside, because they can’t smoke indoors. In the States, when we do an outside gig it is fantastic as everyone stands together to enjoy the music – smokers & non smokers alike, the whole atmosphere just lights up!”

The good news is that Firebug are coming over here very, very soon folks. Here is a list of their tour dates.

Upcoming Shows
28 Jul 2010 21:30 Dublin Castle London, UK, UNITED KINGDOM
29 Jul 2010 22:00 Riff's Bar Swindon, Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM
30 Jul 2010 22:30 The Wilmington Arms London, UNITED KINGDOM Find Tickets
1st of Aug 2010 12:00 Sonisphere Festival Knebworth Knebworth, Hertfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM Find Tickets

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Have any f2c’ers in the London/Swindon/Knebworth areas the free time to go see Firebug? Juliette has assured me that Freedom2Choose T-shirts will be worn to promote the cause for as Juliette says herself, “Tobacco Control are going too far when they interfere with peoples human rights. We never have a problem with smokers/non smokers but TC has created one!”

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