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Monday, 12 July 2010

The death penalty and the smoking ban-a do not touch from the coalition!

All we asked for was an amendment to the smoking ban here in the UK, we might as well do a Raoul Moat, he gets more sympathy than a smoker!

Well done the coalition, you bunch of W......!

H/T to them that must not be talked about.

Update, this blogger is more erudite than I on the subject above, and he pulls no punches!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Wot? You mean have a stand off where we holding a burning cigarette to our necks until we get tazered?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Having now watched the clip, he did in fact say what you said he said and he is indeed, a w*****.

The funny thing is, both he and DC are part-time smokers, you'd think they'd understand.

Barking Spider said...

I left this comment elsewhere a few days ago regarding which laws should be scrapped in the "Great Repeal Swindle".....

The spiteful smoking ban - introduced because Tony and Cherie hate everything about smoking. Give people the choice - smoking pubs and non-smoking pubs like they do in Spain where it's easy to tell the two types apart - the non-smoking bars are all empty.

Smokers are a lot more tolerant that non-smokers and our traditional pubs are going down the toilet with around fifty closing every week. The screaming, intolerant "righteous" always claim the closures are because of the high alcohol taxes and cheap supermarket prices but this is complete tosh. People may well be staying at home but that's only because they can smoke there without being treated like lepers and second class citizens, forced to go outside in the wind and rain because of the most anti-social ban of them all.

When it all boils down, the screaming righteous anti-smoking brigade nevr mention anything to do with their health.... oh, no, it's just that they don't like the smell! It's all very well for these people to say they want to go out and not come home smelling of cigarettes but they are not the people who go to the pubs all the time..... the people who like to socialise...... the people who keep the pub business afloat...... they are merely selfish authoritarians with no concept of or desire for compromise. They are even screaming on the government website to extend the smoking ban further...... it is so typical of the Left to attempt to hijack the site...... and they don't seem to realise that "repeal" is the opposite of "ban". They make me sick!

banned said...

It's a typical lefty righteous ploy to equate different opponents; Holocaust Deniers > climatechange Deniers; the 'hang 'm and flog 'm brigade' > supporters of smoking ban ammendment wearily brushed aside in the same breath.

Barking Spider said...

This was another comment I left at the same place a day earlier on the subject of ring-fenced foreign aid - the punchline hits Cleggeron right on the head, though.....

They STILL don't get it - right now, as far as WE are concerned, charity HAS to begin at home - thanks to the communist idiot, Gordon Brown.

They REFUSE to see that the public doesn't give a damn about ring-fencing foreign aid while Britain is going straight down the tubes.

These internet "consultations" are nothing but a PR stunt anyway - the coalition will carry on doing exactly what they want to do while conning lots of people into believing that the British public had a major influence on government policy.

Yeah, right!
Published: Saturday July 10,2010

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