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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The shape of things to come…

for the smoker!
FASCISM Three un Lucky Strikes and your out!
A new anti-smoking ordinance in municipal parks and recreation areas stipulating a possible jail term for three-time offenders is being condemned by a Georgia-based trade organization for retail tobacco shops.
Where are the smokers in this scenario? Are they (we) so self loathing of ourselves (themselves) that we (them) masochistically take beating, after beating, after metaphorical beating!

The trade organization for retail tobacco shops in Denville, New Jersey are saying what Freedom2Choose have been saying from the very beginning.
"We can only assume that the council has been duped by anti-smoking forces who use unscientific and often false claims to support their outlandish allegations," said Chris McCalla, legislative director of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR).
Yes the council in your town has most certainly been ‘duped’ as you say. Not only that, national governments have been ‘duped’ by “anti smoking forces” the world over, who have persistently lied, fabricated, and faked statistics in order to make you, the smoker, feel worthless and a burden on society, even the ‘new society’ that our new Prime Monster talks about!
The township council, in a 7-0 vote last Tuesday night, adopted the anti-smoking ordinance which includes parking lots, bleachers, playgrounds and adjoining sidewalks among the prohibited locations.
Locally I know nothing about my council and how it works and have never attended any council meetings and I can only conclude from the above that nobody in Denville does either. I can’t believe that there was absolutely no opposition to such a far reaching ordinance?
While first-and-second-time  [smoking] offenders face only fines and/or community service, anyone caught smoking for a third time risks "any combination of fine, imprisonment and community service determined by the municipal court," according to the ordinance.
And the anti-smokers say they don’t despise you, they don’t want to denormalise you, they don’t want to stigmatise you…they just want you to give up that that they most hate…YOU! You and your hateful habit of smoking tobacco.
"This is over the top as far as abuse of individual rights goes," IPCPR's McCalla said in a statement provided by his organization.
"Many municipalities have banned smoking on city properties, but few equal the onerous penalties implied with Denville's ban," he said.
Yes Mr. McCalla it is most definitely and abuse, but individual rights go well out of the window where tobacco control fascists are concerned, a suicidal lunatic who straps xxx number of pounds of Semtex around their waist and killing xxx number of innocent people around them has more rights than a smoker, and they are dead! Oh, wait, smokers and their SHS has killed more people than the first and second worlds put together…even your dog! Maybe smokers should be put into gas chambers because they wouldn’t conform to ‘Arian’ perceptions of the perfect human being.
In response, Mayor Ted Hussa said the ordinance is aimed more at education than in actually sending anyone to jail.
Education, or Re-education…now where have I heard that before?
"If it gets enforced once, I'd be happy. It's just there to scare people," Hussa said.
And there it goes, a politician admitting that his main goal in life is to SCARE PEOPLE!  Which is what Tobacco Control is all about, as if there wasn’t a clue in the title, scare people then you can control them.
Hussa added that, with many children present in parks and recreation areas and in light of medical evidence on second-hand smoke health risks, that it is not unreasonable to restrict smoking.
Nothing is unreasonable when you bring the children into play for your atrocious behaviour, ask Sadam Hussain, sorry, you can’t because he was executed because of his Hitleresque  modus operandi.
Founded in 1933, the IPCRP provides assistance to retailers "to fight repressive and onerous tobacco legislation," according to its website.[Ed: Can’t find a link to that website, wonder why?] In Massachusetts, for example, the group is opposing a proposal that would require tobacco retailers to post photos of cancerous lungs.
So, the IPCRP has been fighting such things since 1933, so when did our own version of the IPCRP come into action? Do we have one??
Oh, and those cancerous lungs:
"You have no idea where these pictures are from or if they're doctored," spokesman Tony Tortorici charged.
Yes we do Tony, they are doctored, make no mistake!

All UK residents take a chill pill, this is America and it would never happen here…would it?


JJ said...

Whatever happens in that monumental piss-pot of lunatic political correctness...will most surely visit these shores.

I can never understand why wealthy business people can't pull together a fighting fund - and drag these bastards through the courts - it would only take a few high profile cases to do massive damage to the zealots!

TheBigYin said...

JJ I can't understand this either. When the smoking ban was proposed I thought that 'big business' had a firm hand in how we were controlled, apparently not.

One 'big business person, who made his millions from selling cheap bacca products and drink from Calais, and who runs a club in London, refused to back F2C with money in the early days of the ban, he still refuses. He purportedly was doing his own fight against the ban, using Cheri Blair as his lawyer but that came to nothing.

No, forget big business, they don't want to know, they are ok in their ivory towers but us smokers are not, we are fucked at every turn, we are vilified, bludgeoned and yet we do not lift a fucking finger...I am mad, to say the very least.

I do not think now that the 'vested interests' will lift a bloody finger to fight my corner, I, and my fellow smokers have to do that for themselves...but they won't! They hate themselves for somking, their thoughts about giving up smoking have been tapped by the banners, so much so, that they delude themselves that they can't give up the 'filthy weed' withought the help of anti smokers.

I am not deluded, I can see the anti smoker fuckwits as they are...deluded!

Sorry for the rant, I'm pissed off, so pissed off that i'm going for an unhealthy 'fish 'n' chip supper.

JJ said...

The BigYin – Yes you’re referring to Dave West of the Heyjo club in Mayfair. I spoke to him last year and asked him if he was still fighting the ban…apparently he was and has been fined several thousand pounds. I think however the Westminster council have now got the better of him.

But here is what I can’t understand; he recently spent over £100,000 on a couple of tickets to attend a David Beckham party…and in the event didn’t go. What a complete waste of money, why not at least fight the smoking ban.

I have to say, and I don’t wish to be rude…I don’t think that despite his wealth he’s the most cerebral of people and perhaps he can’t or won’t try and put together some kind of cohesive strategy.

Anonymous said...

Founded in 1933, the IPCRP provides assistance to retailers "to fight repressive and onerous tobacco legislation," according to its website.[Ed: Can’t find a link to that website, wonder why?]

It's the IPCPR. Here's the url:

TheBigYin said...

Thanks for the link JJ, am getting off my head on tobacco, wine and wild, wild wome...on tobacco and wine so will have a proper look in the morning...hic!

TheBigYin said...

Oops, sorry Anon, attributed your comment to someone else. My apologies.

jredheadgirl said...

The folks at the IPCPR are good people to align with. They stepped in and helped with the outdoor ban debate here in Los Angeles after I contacted them...very good people:-)

TheBigYin said...

I will have to make contact with them jred, they seem very sound and have loads of experience of tobacco control freakery. I made contact with Dave Crawley a few years ago but didn't keep up but I know that our chairman, Phil Johnson did.

We are so fragmented here in the UK and the USA but it seems that the USA [anti ban movement] have more of a bind with each other than we do.

This must change. No, this will change!

banned said...

So what are the voters of Denville, New Jersey going to do about it?

TheBigYin said...

Sweet FA banned I suspect, they, after all, are masochists like me and thee, we take whatever our lords and masters dane to serve us with, and I don't just mean smoking.

All bow to our masters for they are right and we are wrong and need teaching the error of our ways.

Did I mention that I don't mean smoking?

Pat Nurse said...

TBY - is there anything we can do to help this lady and any other smokers who falls foul of jobsworths?

TheBigYin said...

Pat, I will get back to you sometime tomorrow. This is not the first case if it's kind that we have featured, will talk to Phil Johnson as he tried to help a man that lost his job because a jobsworth said he was smoking in his employers vehicle, he was not as he was using an ecig while he drove for his company as he knew it was against the law. He still lost the case because courts believe the jobsworths.

Pat Nurse said...

Smokers must always plead not guilty, demand to see the cig they allegely smoked, and ask for it to be proved that their DNA is on it. After all, anyone could pick up any fag end and tell anyone that it was someone it was not. We must make sure this message gets through.

Forcing councils to go to these lengths to prove a case will also cost them an arm and a leg and at some point they will have to ask themselves if it is really worth it.

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