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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Nazis, Smokers, foster parents, John Gaunt and Freedom of speech!

John Gaunt lost his job because he  invoked Godwin's Law, thank goodness suntalk radio gave him a job where the righteous do not have a say, but an opinion.

A non statuted law that righteous people envoke when they don't like the arguement, and is often used when someone, anyone, argues their case against authoritarianism. Nowadays you can be unashamedly kicked out of a job because you defend smokers. Can you remember when signs used to say “no Irish, Blacks or homosexuals?”. In this case Jon defended the rights of smokers to be caring, sharing individuals. But one man is not standing for this. He clearly is no pushover! He is no pushover where liberty is concerned. He draws the line spectacularly! And he pulls no punches.

So what has he done to incur the wrath of the righteous?  Well he called a councillor a Nazi because he dared to challenge him for saying that “smokers shouldn’t be allowed to foster children”. He, Jon Gaunt, is a never smoker but the pettiness of some people really got to him.
Listen to the interview below, it’s explosive!


Smoking Hot said...

Ah, if we could only have American type radio programmes here. Pirate radio stations anyone? :)

Barking Spider said...

Is the interviewer that twat, Richard Bacon?

Dick Puddlecote said...

BS: Yes, it's Bacon.

Well done for recording this, TBY. I heard it yesterday afternoon and was intrigued as to how Gaunt could possibly convey the idea of free speech to two woolly-headed lefty 'liberals'.

The shorts-down for a spanking comment was inspired. :)

Michael J. McFadden said...

John Gaunt isn't alone in his troubles. West Hollywood just fired the president of their Chamber of Commerce because she dared to speak out against a proposed outdoor smoking ban:

In areas where the Antismokers are strong they'll squash the first signs of any rebellion faster than a dictator wiping out a rebellious village, and for the same reason: to set an example.


TheBigYin said...

Thanks DP, it was a 'must listen' chat that really pushed all my buttons.

My mum, an Irish catholic who fund herself unmarried, pregnant with me and living in a backwater of Scotland called Helensborough,took ill after giving birth to this bastard. I was taken away from her and placed in an orphanage. She got better soon afterwards and vowed to not let me be fostered. Two years later she met and married my dad, and he was a dad in every sense of the word, and had four other children.

My dad smoked and drank, as did/does my mother, and and they both brought us up to be caring, sharing individuals.

My mum, god bless her, is now 80 and loves life.

I'm with Gaunty 100%.

Michael this is the worst type of segregation I abhore. I mentioned "blacks, Irish and homosexuals" not to be flippant but to point out that employers/people should not be blinded by what they see or think they see.

Blind hatred makes me see red.

I'll shut up now. lolol.

Anonymous said...

Godwins Law eh? Is that not Hitlers shield? once you point out that the only people it protects is Nazis and that by invoking it you have identified yourself as a Nazi it mysteriously becomes very unappealing!

There's nothing like watching Nazis swinging in the winds of debate!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Aha, Gaunty got a new job, well that's some good news I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Of course, this argument is rooted in smoking. I wonder what the outcome would be if we substituted smoking with obesity or alcohol consumption. Because, as sure as night follows day, if they get away with banning smokers (as foster parents), these will soon be cited as good reasons to exclude others from fostering.

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