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Friday, 23 July 2010

Imitation? Is it the sincerest form of flattery…

…in Sheila Duffy’s case?

Following on from the last post here it was intimated by John Watson in his letter to  crASH Scotland's head honcho that no comments were allowed, as indeed they are not.

Some wag has made a mirror of the said Ms Duffy’s blog with that lady’s first post copied there. The only difference between both blogs, apart from the fact that one uses Wordpress and the other Blogger, is that the mirror blog has no restrictions on comments…which many people have used to vent their spleen.

Can’t wait for Duffy’s next post…on both sites.

1 comment:

Pat Nurse said...

Tee-Hee - bound to be one of the most popular additions to the blogosphere.

btw, I am going to see about setting up a PayPal fund for smokers who fall foul of the law like Nick Hogan, the litterer and the van driver etc..

I wonder if you can also publicise the Nothing2Declare blog campaign to stop Govt funding of ASH by refusing to buy tobacco in the UK. And carry the the Join the Resistance pirate flag.

I think if we can all get together and support both of these things, then we are at least doing something and showing we have had enough.

Well handled, we could organise cheap trips abroad and bring back gifts for family and friends who can't afford to go and try involve smokers who are not online like the lady who got fined for littering, and a local taxi cab owner here who got fined because a woman smoking refused to leave his office when he asked.

What d'ya think?

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