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Monday, 26 July 2010

The lady is not for turning!

By guest author John Watson


SCOT (Scottish Coalition on Tobacco) says:
“that the previous comprehensive strategy was now out of date and it was time for a robust new strategy suitable for Scotland’s particular challenges and opportunities, “
I ask don’t you think that this is a long winded way of saying we’ve failed?
Sheila Duffy says:
“There is a now a clear need for a new comprehensive tobacco control strategy for Scotland.”

Could it be because the measures that ASH’s self proclaimed confidence trick on politicians throughout the world has failed and now Scotland has to pay the price?
She goes on to say:
“That strategy should include the key aims of preventing young people from starting to smoke, encouraging smokers to quit, reducing exposure to second-hand smoke, and tackling health inequalities caused by smoking. It must set ambitious and achievable targets and be fully resourced to meet its aims.
What to do? Should we enable acts of parliament that will kill off the leisure industry and the small retailers? Wait you’ve already done that! Should we educate them? You obviously think not, that would mean giving them the information then allow them to think for themselves and shock horror, make a decision! You don’t want that do you!

It does not fit in with your agenda does it? The same applies to those who may not want to quit smoking, it is their choice to make so why is it that you believe it is yours?

Excuse me while I stop laughing! Reduce exposure to second hand smoke? Where are you living Sheila, the moon? Smokers cannot smoke inside public buildings, factories, pubs ect. Are you now saying they cannot smoke at home either?

Health equalities caused by smoking? If the money your organisations have wasted were put into finding real work with decent pay then there would not be be health inequalities for any reason now would there?

Who is going to pay then Sheila? I know you’ll get the hard pressed poor taxpayer to fund it, make them poorer and the problem worse, you have some really good ideas don’t you Sheila?
“It is now six years since the publication of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air for Scotland’, the first ever tobacco control action plan for Scotland and its twenty actions have now been reached, superseded, or surpassed. These have been very successful, highly supported, and are reaping health benefits for Scotland in terms of reduced smoking rates and increased health benefits.
Who writes this stuff, Ernie Wise? You mean closed pubs and threatening to close small retail outlets don’t you?
“However, tobacco addiction is a deep-rooted public health problem in our country and despite clear in-roads being made, the harm caused by smoking and second-hand smoke within our society is still of major concern. We need to continue to improve our public health record and reduce the health inequalities caused by smoking.
Translation: Smokers refuse to obey me, we are failing, all that money on junk science and we cannot beat them. They need more persecution and terror to persuade them! That did not work for Hitler so why do you think it will work for you?

“Smoking remains Scotland’s biggest killer with 13,500 smoking attributable deaths every year. Smoking and tobacco use inflicts a significant health and economic cost to Scotland, disproportionately borne by the poorest members of society. It costs the economy £837 million each year and the NHS in Scotland an annual £409 million a year.
What she does not say is that the smokers whom she appears to despise and persecute pays for three non smokers per smoker treated on the NHS, now isn’t that value for money Sheila? Anyone can spout statements that x causes y but where is the evidence?
“The tobacco industry is made up of multi-national profit driven companies which aim to keep smokers buying their brands whilst recruiting new smokers to replace those who quit or die. This has a subsequent massive impact on our public health and our economy. Therefore it’s vital that we continue to tackle tobacco, encourage smokers to quit and prevent young people taking the habit up. Special attention must also be paid to those areas where smoking rates remain high and increased efforts made to reach smokers and those who may start to smoke. This will pay long term dividends in reduced costs to society and will be hugely beneficial in making Scotland a healthier society and place to live and work.
Are you suggesting then that it is illegal for a legitimate company to make a profit Sheila? Closing them down would have a devastating effect on jobs and the economy, just look at the £ billions they pay in taxation! The loss of NI contributions would ravage the NHS and pensions ect. Is it your aim to completely destroy Scotland economically then?

“The other home nations of the UK already have, or are all currently working on, new tobacco control strategies as part of public health policy. Scotland needs to do the same and address the continuing need to reduce smoking and protect people from second-hand smoke. Scotland needs a new robust strategy which takes into account our own particular needs, challenges, and opportunities. “

More to point Sheila the other home nations are getting just a tad annoyed with your constant interference in their private lives! Don’t you think its time to quit? After all, power is the worst addiction of all.

Adolf Hitler learned the consequences of his addiction to power, stealing freedom from the people, those very people paid a very heavy price for his stupidity.

Will you go down in history for the same reason?
John Watson


Anonymous said...

Memo to our Sheila

A sort of deal you can have a browse on for as long as you continue to upset those dear to me.
For every one you stop smoking
I will start three,age ,gender or
class irrelevent.
In the meanwhile we hope the Scots start seeing through your pitifull
"health Concerns"paid for for by filching the public purse.

Nosey Celt

Belinda said...

Is this where the funding came from for this strategy?

Citizen E said...

How does this country treat war veterans who are smokers?


New words to a Bob Dylan favourite:


How many ships took those men far away
To fight and suffer death and pain
How many men in both world wars
Never saw the light of day again
How many men were broken and returned
To be treated as heroes every one
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind

How many years have passed since that time
Are veterans treated just the same
How many stand in the wind and the rain
Still proud but questioning in pain
How many feel that they’ve been betrayed
By a country to which they gave their all
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.

How many roads must a man walk down
Before they call him a man
How many times must he prove himself
Like a soldier in Afghanistan
How many times when he comes home
Is he treated like an outcast not a man
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.

How many times must the questions be asked
And dogma given in reply
How many heroes in the twilight of their years
Are denied compassion till they die
How many zealots should hang their heads in shame
For a law that is pie in the sky
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind

How many persecutors of the old and infirm
Whose war cry is de-normalise them all
Have forced upon society a vicious smoking ban
That contains no compromise at all
How have the population of a country once so great
Stood by and never heard the call
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind

When will the people say undo what you have done
And return the voice of reason to the land
When will the politicians listen to the call
Of society divided by a ban
When will 15 Million smokers rally to the call
And defend the right of dignity for all
The answer “Now my friend” is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.

Anonymous said...

What can I say Citizen E? I can make no promises but I know of someone with a studio who could use this, I also know of some musucians who may be interested if it is not in breach of copyright.

This rewrite deserves every effort to get a wider audience.

John Watson

Paul said...

I have a recording studio Citizen E ( and I think that I may well give this a whirl.
So far as copyright is concerned, Dylan (or his publishers) would most certainly want a "cut" out of it - should it be used to make money.
As far as I understand, US copyright laws allow anyone to use copyright material without first being asked - but maintain the rights to earn money from it - and that copyright does not end with the death of the composer. UK copyright does NOT allow you to use copyright material without the prior consent of the composer - but only lasts 50 years (at present).
I will give the words a whirl in the studio but I think that I will use a haunting piano and strings arrangement (to give more pathos) instead of the Dylan guitar sound.
Email me at and I'll keep you posted on progress (it will take me a few weeks I would imagine) - but - WHY THE HELL NOT GIVE IT A GO??

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