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Friday, 16 July 2010

Put ASH out on it’s ASS!

We’ve known it for years, ASH and Tobacco Control are nothing but liars in the pay of big pharmaceutical companies. Both take their thirty pieces of silver from big pharma to push their useless NRT products. Now ASH have bowed to the inevitable knowledge that NRT patches and gum are virtually useless.

And for years now, ASH, Tobacco Control and the pharmaceutical industry have been equating smoking with drug addiction.

Now, it seems, ASH is not so sure.
Habit, not nicotine, prompts cigarette cravings
Are smokers hooked on nicotine, or on the habit of smoking itself? That's the question posed by an ingenious study on smokers who worked as flight attendants, which found cravings for the next cigarette were just as strong on short-haul as long-haul flights. The study authors say this suggests nicotine replacement therapy may not be the most effective way to help someone quit smoking.

No, NRT is not the “most effective”, it’s next to useless but it’s nice to see that you are not calling smokers addi…
What do we know already?

Nicotine is an addictive substance, and that's part of what makes smoking hard to quit. However, many people stop smoking for weeks or even months but take up the habit again much later, when all nicotine cravings should be gone. People often say they start smoking again because of stress, or because they're in a situation they associate with smoking, such as having drinks with friends who smoke.
I suppose that lying is a hard addiction habit to give up eh.
We know NRT can improve people's chances of giving up smoking, but it doesn't mean you won't start smoking again. In one study, 9 in 100 people quit smoking for a year with the help of NRT, but only 5 in 100 were non-smokers eight years later. We also know that other types of support, such as advice from a doctor, nurse or counsellor, can help.
You can read the rest of the above here. We at Freedom2Choose know there’s only one way to stop smoking and it is definitely not coercion, denormalisation nor smoking bans! Willpower is best, always!

It’s time Mr. Clegg, Mr. Cameron, to decommission ASH. It’s not fit for purpose.

Update: Oh the lies by Tobacco Control just keep being uncovered.

A bad week for the tobacco control lobby just got worse. In advance of the publication next week of a "damning dossier that details how health officials and anti-smoking charities teamed up to push the tobacco display ban through Parliament despited discredited costings and unproved health assumptions will be presented at Parliament next week"
 H/T to Simon Clarke and Taking Liberties for update above.

Update 2: Here's an article written by Steve Cross from F2C for Forces network that I think is worth reading. It's all about the fraud that is NRT.

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Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Big Yin: I never could figure out what good the nic gum & patches were. The act of smoking itself is what is most pleasurable/addictive. It's a whole ritual and thing to do to keep busy and such.

They should abolish all these phony groups and use the tax money to help good English people who are struggling in this horrible economy.

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