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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Truth is stranger than fiction, well in the Strangers Bar, House of Commons it is!

Free Nick Hogan....NOW!


Anonymous said...

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people put up with the 'one rule for them, one for us' mentality. The law has jailed an innocent man due to him not preventing smoking in his bar, yet the House of Commons openly allow it in theirs. Unbelievable

Anonymous said...

Clearly the ban is not about protecting anyone, from the so called effects of second-hand smoke. There are no laws being broken here and no possibility of fines being imposed.
The bar staff and police are like the vast majority, quite happy for smoking to continue and no one asks for them to stop.
The ban is complete hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

NYC, USA, smoking banned indoors and soon outdoors - meantimes in the UN Building basement is a restaurant that totally permits indoor smoking - up through the floors of the UN building all that smoke goes - the same UN with its WHO who goes around telling everyone not to smoke.

In Washington, DC, USA - no smoking anywhere around where Hillary Clinton banned it in the White House and Nancy Pelosi banned it in the Congress building. But all those Senators and Representatives - they can smoke to their hearts delights in their offices - something that is banned, indoors and out, all over Washington, DC.

EU building in Brussels, dictators of the EU bans - smoking allowed.

G9 economic summit in UK, from countries that are smoke banned inside a country that is smoke banned - smoking indoors was allowed.

I have also heard rumor that in NYC and LA, USA, inside those TV and news studio waiting rooms and employee lounges, they have set up smoking rooms, indoor smoking allowed - regardless of everyone else banned, indoors and out.

Hypocrisy indeed, one rule for them, another for us.

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