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Monday, 8 March 2010

Elephant? What Elephant?

Simon Clark from Forest has a right barny with “she who must be obeyed,” ASH’s Deborah Arnott.

Simon HatTips F2C’s Dave Atherton:

H/T Dave Atherton.

Dave, it was your comment on THIS post (which I read on my iPhone moments before going on air) that prompted my reference to the Irish Times article.

You played a blinder Simon.



Anonymous said...

We're all off to sunny Spain
to buy our tobacco.
Belgium actually.

Anonymous said...

Debs went down in flames !

Anonymous said...

'Smokers want to see price increases'.

This excuse for a woman is seriously deluded.

Anonymous said...

All to discourage children from taking up smoking,that was her ridiculous argument. Tobacco can only legally be sold to adults.

What exactly have children got to do with its price? Ash continue to inappropriately sight children, as their reason for interfering in the display and price of an adult only product.

Anonymous said...

Arnott comes across as a complete looney.

budgie said...

The face of 'healthy, clean living'.

Blimey, she makes Simon Clarke look positively ravishing.

Leg-iron said...

A slotgob of perfect Righteousness. I wouldn't touch her with Mandelstein's Gorgon-stained one.

She will increase smoking, as they always do, and that will keep her in her non-job.

That is her intention. If we all stopped she'd be on the dole and that is the last thing she wants. ASH do not want smoking to decrease. They want it to increase because otherwise they have nothing to 'fix'.

She is the one promoting smoking among the underage, not us.

She is the one responsible for ten-year-olds smoking, not us.

We just get the blame.

Leg-iron said...

And another thing.

She can crank up the tax all she wants because fewer and fewer of us are paying it anyway. I will buy tobacco from that smoking six-year-old with not a shred of guilt because I didn't start that kid smoking. Dreadful Arnott did that.

She will never realise it because she has no brain.

TheBigYin said...

She makes me want to puke everytime she opens her meelymouth and spews forth utter rubbish. And she's pug uggly.

Pat Nurse said...

She talks crap but sadly people will believe what they want to believe and this stupid Govt and the health zealots in the three main parties will choose to believe her shite!

john miller said...

Cardiovascular exercise is good for you. In 2014 this will be made compulsory. There will be a neighborhood monitor who will report you for not carrying out the necessary calisthenics in the street at 7:30 on the appointed day.

If you are the subject of such report, your employer will be ordered to deduct a tax penalty from your pay.

If you are on benefits, you will be exempt.

Now do you see the way it works?

Anonymous said...

That is a women who would be much improved by the addition of a brown paper bag - over her ugly face.

Barking Spider said...

She'd be much improved with the addition of a plastic bag - placed over her head and held very tightly round her scrawny neck!

What an awful slot-gobbed, tight-lipped, self-righteous, sanctimonious fucking bitch!

Leg-iron said...

Her face should be hidden on TV to preserve her anonymity.

And my lunch.

Pixellate her! Not for her protection. For ours.

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