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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

And you are no angel yourself Barry Obamah!

Day 3 of that damned video:


Captain Ranty said...

Many millions voted for Obama just because he is black. They cared not for his policies, his bullshit or his rhetoric.

In much the same way that millions will vote for GorBro. They will vote for the same party that dad,Uncle Bob and grandad voted for. They would vote for a syphilitic gibbon as long as it was wearing a red rosette.

Voters, my friend, are mostly fucking stupid.


TheBigYin said...

And I voted for Tony Blair in 1997...and 2005..what kind of idiot does that make me Captain?

Oh, and that old labour mant Foot has just died, he was 97 do you believe, or thereabouts. For a trotsky he had a good fookin' life, didn't he. Now they are bending over backwards to martyr him???

Anonymous said...

There's not as many now now that vote labour just because they always have - labour has stuffed the majority of their core voters now - mind you, the same could be said of Cameron with traditional tories.

The problem is, labour have created (or rather bought) so many votes now - that is where their core vote now lies.

TheBigYin said...

@CR I have removed the offending line from this blog. I meant no racist overtones with that line which upset some. I indeed meant what you said CR. It was the same when this country voted in it's first female prime minister, M. Thatcher, and I concluded then that it doesn't mater the sex, colour of the politician, it's their politics and policies that count. Barack Hussein Obama, a closet smoker, turned on smokers in the USA.

If I offended anyone then I apologise without reservation.

Captain Ranty said...

I saw no racism, TBY.

Millions DID vote for him purely because he was a black man.

Hindsight, of course, is 20/20. His skin colour didn't/doesn't matter. He did what all politicians do: he lied to get the job. Look at the evidence. He has changed absolutely nothing. Americans are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gitmo is running full steam ahead despite his oath to close it down, and one of the first promises he broke ("No new taxes!") was carried out within days of taking office. He raised tobacco taxes by 300% for some products (rolling tobacco).

He is a liar. I don't give a fuck what colour his skin is.

I knew what you meant. Perhaps the offended ones should brush up on their reading and comprehension skills?


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