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Friday, 26 March 2010

Inez is starting to tie the knot !

I know that everybody wants the ban gone yesterday but Inez Ward is doing stirling work on our behalf folks!

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Posted By: Inez Ward


British Pub week, which will run from Saturday 30th October - Saturday 6th November 2010, is a campaign designed to promote the many benefits of the Great British pub, increase footfall and encourage all areas of the trade to unite and work together for the benefit of the trade.

British Pub Week will be a week full of activities that promote the many benefits that pubs bring to all members of the communities they serve, including charity support, music, games and entertainment, great food and drink and most importantly - social cohesion. Further details will be released at the trade launch on Thursday 27th May 2010.

British Pub Week would like to welcome both Save the Pub group and the Morning Advertiser as official partners and would also like to welcome the support of Fairpint and Freedom2Choose. The steering group, consisting of Marston's, Punch Taverns, BII, Unite, Greg Mulholland and Justice for Licensees, is working together to benefit this trade and would like to extend a cordial invite to all areas of this trade to join in.

Inez Ward, Chairman of British Pub Week and founder of Justice for Licensees said: "Pubs have not had a lot to smile about in recent months but I am hopeful that this initiative will go some way in changing that. It is imperative that this trade unites to promote the benefits of the Great British pub and the vital role that she plays in the community and the economy as a whole. The formation of the British Pub Week steering group is a huge step in the right direction. I look forward to working with all areas of this trade to fulfil our aims."

Neil Robertson of the BII and steering group member quoted "BII welcomes this initiative and the breadth and strength of the leadership and support team. I'm sure that as the details emerge, others will also want to come on board."

The Morning Advertiser said
“British Pub week is a great idea to galvanise support for the local pubs, which make up the very backbone of British life. The pub is the envy of the world and this is a chance to remind the public just how good the pub is.”

Save the Great British Pub


TheBigYin said...

Excellent Phil, Inez and all concerned with this. Readers of this blog can read Inez Wards Food for Thought here, she is passionate about the Great British Pub and knows full well the devastation that Smoking Ban Experiment has wreaked on her beloved industry.

Pavlov's Cat said...

As a smoker and a drinker I welcome the initiative and also say about bloody time.
Although the inclusion of Punch Taverns doesn't fill me with hope, as a reader of Private Eye they seem more concerned with the Real Estate and converting their pubs into flats than the pubs themselves and their silence during the Smoking ban imposition was deafening.

But aside from that when did a pub become feminine?

It is imperative that this trade unites to promote the benefits of the Great British pub and the vital role that she plays in the community and the economy as a whole

I appreciate that other languages have to separate nouns into masculine and feminine, their Le and La as it were.

And in convention in the UK, ships and planes are 'She' and sometimes cars.

Call me a nitpicking twunt (and I'm sure you will) but referring to a pub as 'she' just raises the hackles and I take against the lady automatically.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I'll shut up now.

I've just followed a few links and the lady is obviously passionate about pubs and the effect of the smoking ban. So I like her

Still don't like the 'She' bit though.

TheBigYin said...

Well spotted PC, I missed that one and have never thought of the pub as a "she," "he," or "it."

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