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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Day of protest-Saturday the 13th of March 2010


With the introduction of the UK smoking ban, the government removed the rights of every single property owner to choose their own policy for their own property. The law should serve to protect our rights, and not deny them.
Nick Hogan dared to make a stand against this governments abuse of power, and has been imprisoned for doing so.
To mark this tragic occasion I shall be mourning the demise of justice outside Nick's prison. I call on everyone that wishes to see the restoration of a legal system we Britons can be proud of, to join me wherever you may be in a national day of mourning and together we'll speak up for freedom, for Nick, and for all of us.
If you cannot make it to Manchester, then simply dress for a funeral on that day and explain to everyone you meet, why you are doing so.

You can join the Facebook group here.


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Ron Russell said...

Smoking bans have gone for the ridiculous to the absurd. I was in California a short while back and a college in the valley had even banned smokeless tobacco, and as a part of that ban also instituted a ban on chewing gum--they were afraid if someone was confronted about the chaw in his mouth he would just say it was gum, so they banned both! Extremists will always continue to push their radicalism until people take a stand and begin to push back.

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