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Friday, 19 March 2010

Old Holborn on Nick Hogan appeal-House of Comments Podcast.


There was podcast on the House of Comments webpage on Thursday the 18th of March featuring, apart from the two resident broadcasters, Old Holborn and Emma Burnell, to whom Old Holborn comes out with the classic line to describe her as, “some fat ecoloon Labourlist man hating lezzer whom he’s never heard of.” I must agree with OH on this one, (although we both should await a tongue lashing from Harriet ‘Harpic’ Harman and should gird our loins.) She’s [Burnell] a harridan who would like to see the legalisation on “hard drugs” repealed whilst championing Labours obnoxious smoking ban law as it “helped her stop smoking.” WTF? So we ALL have to suffer because she can’t harness any self control?

Here is her bio on her own webpage, Scarlet Standard:

Emma Burnell is a socialist, feminist, environmentalist and proud long-standing Labour member.

Vice Chair of SERA - Labour's Environmental Campaign, Treasurer of the Socialist Societies Executive and Researcher for the Fabian Women's Network .

Emma can occasionally be found relaxing over a glass or several of wine and singing songs of the old left. Emma is neither New nor Old Labour but a Heath-Robinson contraption of ideas from the best of both and all areas of the progressive movement.

Emma_For_websiteEmma Burnell woman of the people, (yeah right!) 

Emma has her roots in the Fabian Society.

Here, Old Holborn, Emma Burnell, Mark Thomson of Mark Reckons and Stuart Sharpe of Sharpes Opinions talk about OH’s blogosphere “collection Tin” which raised over £9000 for the release of Nick Hogan, smoking ban hero.

This is an edited version but the whole podcast can be downloaded from the House of Comments website.


Anonymous said...

Certainly not one of Heath Robinson's better contraptions...I had no idea that he invented the Minger. Looks like Oliver Hardy in drag....

Old Holborn said...

I have nothing to add

TheBigYin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fredrik Eich said...

What ever happend to the war on drugs? The Muppets in westminster don't even discuss it anymore because it failed. Prisons choc a bloc! Now it's the war on binge drinking, smoking and chubby people to fill up the prisons. Useless Muppets.

TheBigYin said...

Hehehe, nice one OH. Have you seen this: Bad Laws

TheBigYin said...

WTF is going on with the blogger comments? Something's fucked up my end.

TheBigYin said...

Had to have comments open in a new window before I could see them. It said I had so many comments but when I clicked to make a comment was taken to a page where there were no comments??? Must be getting tired, and it's only the back of nine pm, must be getting Auld ffs.

Mark Wadsworth said...

She learned the hard way that you put on weight when you stop smoking.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Nice audio capture again, TBY.

Re: comments, it's a blogger glitch that has been happening for the past week or so.

TheBigYin said...

Hi DP. Didn't capture it but downloaded it from the House of Comments website to my harddrive in mp3 form. In order to cut out the part I didn't want and get to OH's segment I ran it through Free Audio Editor, this helps cut down on the size also. Unfortunately Free Audio editor will not let you save it back to your hdrive in mp3 format, only .wav, which is one helluva size so I used another bit of freebie kit called Audio Encoder and save it back as the cut down version on mp3 format. A lot of buggering about I know but worth it in the end. Oh, and I uploaded to an online data holding company called SnapDrive which gives you the HTML code to embed in your blog or website. I have a yearly subscription to SnapDrive which is quite cheap.

BTS said...

Loved it when the Labour Chubber got totally confused as to whether to ditch Gordo, thereby showing her to be on 'our side' when they get the boot, or to back 'the man who saved the global economy' just in case they did manage to rig the ballot and he somehow clings on, thus consigning her political career down the Swanee ( but at least she's looking towards the future I suppose).

What an egregious fat binnit.

I hope she gets picked up by the next fat maria passing by..

banned said...

Thanks for posting this, I extracted it from temp internet files as an mp3, how do I post it?

"Should firemen be able to work in a smokefree environment?"

TheBigYin said...

As I explained in an earlier comment Banned I use an online 'harddrive' too upload my recordings to where it gives me the facility to give me the embedded code for putting on websites, blogs etc. You can even change the colour and look of the finished product, but I stuck to the bog standard look.

I will email you with the code to embed on your blog if you like, it's yours to do with what you like.

I also have a freebie piece of kit (I'm Scottish and do love my freebies) called Easy Hi-Q Recorder but be warned, it has a nag screen when you fire it up but it goes in seconds. Easy Hi-Q allows you to record streaming content from radio stations etc to your HD but you have to change your audio settings from Mic to Sterio Mix for the duration of what you are recording, if you don't it will record through your mic and pick up every noise in your room.

Hope I made sense, not quite awake yet this Sunday morn.

Have fun :¬)

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