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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

29% of their survey said…

Smokers breath can cause cancer in others!

In recent years a number of new claims have been made about smoking and public health. These include the argument that smoker's breath is dangerous, that invisible particles carried by smokers can cause cancer and that electronic cigarettes are as or more dangerous than cigarettes.

Scientists like Professor Siegel, a prominent anti-smoking activist, worry that by making such extreme claims organisations will lose the trust of the public.

We set out to test opinions on smoking and the electronic cigarette, surveying over 250 smokers, non-smokers and electronic cigarette users in the process.


Can Smokers' Breath Kill You?
[Ed: You cannot be serious FFS.]

Do you agree with this statement: "Smoker's breath can be harmful to health, especially to children, the elderly and those especially sensitive to many chemicals."

b. No.
c. Not sure.


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This must be a bloody wind up, surely? Does the fact that this is an E-cig company survey have any bearing? Why ask the question and what is wrong with the brainless idiots, that 29 percent, coupled with the 21 percent that said they “don’t know?”

But wait, there’s more:

Who said yes?

But when we looked at non-smokers it was a different story. Nearly 60% believed that smokers could harm other people just by breathing upon them. More than a quarter of non-smokers thought the same - it was only the more activist e-cigarette smokers who were really sceptical.


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I don’t blame the e-cig company for doing “yet another” study that spuriously heaps more denormalisation techniques on the already beleaguered smoker.

Anyway, I’m not the best person to ask about these stupid bloody surveys so it’s over to you, readers, what do you think.

Here’s the survey in full. I didn’t want to leave publishing this until tomorrow in fear you all might look at the date and think it was all one sick joke.

Tip of the cloth cap to Head Rambles, an Irish blogger of much repute.


Anonymous said...

It's a day early. Tomorrow is April fools day.

Anonymous said...

Great piece, BigYin.

Is it any wonder that our politicians treat us like idiots, when there's such a large percentage of idiots who are allowed to define our futures via 'democracy'?

I'm becoming more republican by the minute!

Leg-iron said...

If they believe I can kill them by breathing on them, I will do it. If they really die, they were too stupid to live anyway.

The Smoker Breath of Death! We have super-powers and I say we make full use of them!

We can kill charity and second-hand shops at a stroke by hinting that the donated clothing and books might have come from a smoker. Even if one item might have come from a smoker, tiny particles of Deadliness will contaminate everything and everyone in the shop. Ebola? Pah! We are the pale riders from Marlboro Country. Fear us, trivial mortals. Where we go, your firstborn will die. We won't. You'll never work out why.

Merely by walking through Tesco, we can render every item unsellable.

Hell, let's do it. Once commerce starts breaking down, maybe someone will listen to some sense.

'Fly this plane to Cuba or I exhale'. Ha! Spot that on the nudie scanners. Even if they look for the coalminer's lung on those cigarette packets, they won't find us.

It's war and war is not fair. By playing fair we have lost. Time to play by ASH's rules.

No compromise, no conscience, no apology.

TheBigYin said...

The Smoker Breath of Death! We have super-powers and I say we make full use of them!

Some cracking ideas there LI, and yes, it's about us smokers took the fucking gloves off and started fighting just as dirty as ASH and co.

TheBigYin said...

about *time*

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