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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Smokers Vs Anti-Smokers, it’s…

Time for change….. A guest post by John Watson.
People outside pubs promote smoking; television and newspaper anti-smoking advertisements promote smoking; any of you arguing with me about smoking promotes smoking; mention smoking at all and you are promoting smoking; to say smoking is harmful promotes smoking;  just because it draws attention to smoking it cannot do anything else, that is why smoking prevalence is rising among the young whom the government and ASH claim to be protecting.

Every article  written, every discussion or advertisement aired to promote anti-smoking products advertises smoking,  just writing this and your replies will advertise smoking. Why do you think the issue will not die? It is because we are all promoting it, people are making huge sums out of it, ASH are coining in government money [pdf] promoting smoking, no smoking no more ASH, the advertisers are coining money promoting smoking.

While  The Treasury rake in £10billion

8.2  billion in Excise
1.8 Billion in VAT
10.0 TOTAL

from smokers in taxes promoting smoking but the NHS  only spend about £2.7billion (disputable) on smokers so smokers pay for three non smokers treatments for every smoker treated. The pharmaceutical companies make £billions out of it, they even buy their nicotine from tobacco companies while trying to put them out of business! Me I make absolutely nothing out of it. The truth is that smokers are one the biggest milk cows for a large number of agencies, [fake] charities and governments the world has ever seen!

Incidentally the same argument holds true for alcohol. Until Governments learn that the more warnings they issue, until ASH realise that the more junk science they toss out under the guise of education, and the more the NHS push their drugs on smokers, the more they advertise smoking, especially to our children. Most parents know that if they make an issue out of anything persistently their child will try it out, be it drugs, alcohol or cigarettes they will try it out. Some will not like it and give up others will and continue to do so, it is human nature, you may as well try to hold back the tide.

£billions have been spent on this, £billions that could have been used to save real lives, not computer generated lives. How many drugs have the NHS said that they cannot afford, how much desperately needed equipment is not bought, how many staff have been lost or not employed, how many hospitals are breeding grounds for lethal infections because of the money spent on anti-smoking/alcohol measures that are not working?

How many senior charity workers earn excessive salaries at the taxpayer’s expense yet achieve nothing except to add to the dole queues, close businesses, and ruin lives through poverty.
What has been achieved? Smoking prevalence is up among the young, the very people the law wanted to protect!
1000’s of pubs, clubs and bingo halls closed, our elderly all but imprisoned in their homes because their venues are closing, many of them alone and forsaken. Inmates of our Mental institutions denied a smoke when they want one because no one is available to supervise them, they do not even have a choice in the matter, they may not be ‘normal’ but what is normal anyway?

They however, are still human beings, they still have needs, yet the administrators would rather spend on denying them their needs than support them.

The Anti smoking lobby object to the very thought of Pubs and clubs run by smokers for smokers, Why? What are they afraid of, certainly not competition, only one fifth of the country smoke, so what threat is 20% of smoking pubs going to be to the 80% of non smoking pubs? Certainly not the health of the staff either, if the staff smoke then they are at the same alleged risk as any other smoker on the premises! So what possible reason could there be to deny this option? If non smokers choose to be there then they are there by their own choice, they have weighed up the risks for themselves and decided that they want to be in there. I believe that anyone who jumps out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft with about 150 square feet of material to support them are insane, but people do this both professionally and for fun, it is dangerous, yes, but do I have the right to ban them? Should I impose my belief on them through legislation?

They enabled law to force smokers outside, now they want to enable law to prevent that too, why? It is a by-product of the law they demanded. The solution is simple allow smoking pubs alongside non smoking pubs, it works in Europe! They do not want to stop there; they want to dictate to you what you may do in your car and your own home. They want to dictate your lifestyle. Tell you how you will live your lives. To me this is totally unacceptable; they do not have that right!

The anti-smokers deliberately provoke smokers by confronting them even where they are allowed to smoke, in pub gardens, on the street and on open railway platforms. This has to stop.
Just walk away, say nothing, if they continue to rant on and stay where they are then ignore them. If they pursue you then they are breaking the law, by silently walking away you are telling them that you do not seek confrontation by pursuing you then they are looking for a fight.

Stay within the law, stay safe, let the anti's break the laws, let them do the time or pay the fines.
Learn your rights, use the law, it is there to protect you as well as the anti-smokers. Stand up for yourself firmly and politely.

I would add that making a complaint to the police against your assailant for public order offences is perfectly legal, if you believe that they have broken the law make a complaint against them.

Read up on public order offences, the Health and Safety act and self defence under the law…know your position under the law.

Send a message to the anti-smoking lobby. Victimisation is unacceptable, that you will use every last letter of the law to stamp it out. That you will lobby for legislation to stamp it out if necessary, that you will use every legal means to end this travesty of justice.

Similar puritan anti-alcohol organisations are pushing for the same laws for alcohol as the anti-smoking lobby have gained for smokers, the smokers fight is the same fight as the drinkers, they will use the same arguments as the anti-smoking lobby to force the same laws on you, if they win not only will you lose all the pubs and clubs, but many corner shops as well who may not be able to replace lost revenue and footfall, this means of course that your tax bills will climb through the ceiling to replace lost tobacco and alcohol taxation, they will punish the drivers with higher petrol bills through additional taxation, raise VAT, Income tax and National Insurance to fund the NHS and replace their lost tax revenue.

If you want this then just do nothing, if you do not then elect representatives who will change the law on smoking, those who will stop the Puritan Nannies like ASH and Alcohol Concern by cutting the purse strings.

Last week Nick Hogan was freed from prison, Two freedom loving bloggers Old Holborn and Anna Racoon appealed for money to free Nick, they raised over £8000 to pay for his release, they did this in about a week from public donations, ASH raised around £5000 over the course of one year from public donations, the rest of their money came from the Pharmaceutical industry, other government sponsored charities and the taxpayer…in other words, you! ASH and the government say that 80% of this country supports them, what do you think?

It’s time for a change, time for a level playing field between smokers and the rest of the country, time to cut off the cash flow to these parasites. You know it makes sense; all you have to do is make it happen in this election year.


marley said...

How very true. Well said. Prior to this draconian, nazi ban, smoking prevalence was falling steadily year on year as people started to think smoking was actually bad for them. Since the ban, smoking is advertised more than when tobacco advertising was allowed. (though I think these puritan bigots are too thick to see it). I make a point now of allowing myself visible to all when I am smoking in public. It is my way of saying "Get Stuffed you pompous arrogant twats". I love winding up the antis by expressing my delight that they are now funding this nonsense. Imagine my delight when the anti alcohol mob have to start paying for that lost revenue as well. Fantastic job NuLiebor thats a hell of a way to level a playing field.

Anonymous said...

Now that smokers stand outside pubs/clubs/restaurants etc. they are spotted by the young and as smoking is a social action and smokers are more sociable than non-smokers the young see smoking as a way to make friends and get in with the crowd.
This was not visible when smokers were happy inside pubs as kids were not allowed in adult venues until they were adult enough to be able to make up their minds about adult activities.
Put the smokers back indoors and keep the kids out of pubs.. Simple ???

Anonymous said...

It is a draconian, nazi smoking ban. Of the twenty seven EU states, only the UK and Ireland do not permit the choice of indoor smoking areas. Making people stand outside in all weathers is persecuting them.
It is ruining the social lives of millions. They will only change it, if they are forced to.

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