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Monday, 22 March 2010

Leicester's finest - I don't think!

After reading Dick Puddlecote's excellent blog on troughers I was nudged (of mind) to start ploughing through correspondence of yesteryear - something was niggling!
To complete the Hewitt tale I can inform readers that there was a meeting arranged between the notaries from the Leicester clubs & Patricia Hewitt, who listened to all their concerns re implementation of the smoking ban. Private clubs, own rules per club, not open to the public - simples! Ms Hewitt promised the clubs she would 'take their concerns' to Westminster as she did not want her local clubs to suffer from any effects the smoking ban may have. [?] Outside the club hosting the meeting is a bin for rubbish purposes. I am now very confident that 'all those concerns' went straight in that bin as she left the club for once back in Westminster (as we all now know) Ms hewitt promptly voted, in the 'Free Vote', for a total ban - thus reneging on everything spoken at that meeting! The saddest part? The clubs trusted our MP for Leicester West!
Now to an even more insidious piece of parliamentary 'up yours' humanity. I am blessed to have one Sir Peter Soulsby as my MP, my representative in parliament, my voice in power (gee - thanks!).
An unkempt sort of person in appearance, he sports a bewiskered countenance that hides the majority of the contempt he has toward his constituents - well, his smoking constituents at any rate!.
He doesn't smoke.
He was high up in the BLF (British Lung Foundation).
He hates smokers.
I wrote to Soulsby to ask questions about this evil, catstrophic ban because, apparently "They Work for You", but it soon became exceedingly clear that he doesn't work for smokers! They are simply dross in his eyes - as DP rightly pointed oput, lowe than pigs!
example letter to Soulsby:-
Dear Peter,

As my duly elected MP I feel it is necessary to contact your good self
in the light of this most disturbing revelation; viz, Bacon & Processed
Meats cause cancer. I am most concerned at this news, as I am equally
sure you are Sir Peter, as now, it would seem that the main ingredient
of the 'Great British Breakfast' is, and has been for years, a killer!
Therefore I must ask that the Government act quickly on this important
matter of health & (peoples) Safety by immediately banning the sale of
bacon and processed meats-hence withdrawing all bacon and processed
meats from shops and supermarkets.
Also, in the light of this distressing news, surely the Government will
now be in order to display anti-bacon and anti-processed meat signs on
all packaging as the public need to be fully informed of this scientific
discovery that doubtless will be the cause of many thousands of deaths
May I look forward to your positive response to this enquiry at your
earliest convenience Sir Peter, as a very concerned member of your

Yours sincerely
Phil Johnson

Response from my MP 'working for me'!

Dear Phil,
Just finishing my supper of bacon sandwich washed down with red wine so
can't respond more fully at the moment.
I suggest we begin the campaign tomorrow --- or perhaps next week ---
Best wishes,

Peter Soulsby

What a piss take that is!

Dear Peter,
As my MP and a former patron of the BLF can you please explain to me why you are so set against smokers rights when 49% of lungs used in transplants actually come from smokers themselves. Surely, if the lungs used were in such dire state as you purport they would noy be uasable at all?
Yours sincerely
Phil Johnson

Response:- (we are still awaiting that one for some reason!)

In another simple exchange:-
Dear Peter,
I thank you for your reply concerning "Business Devastation", it is a
reply of the utmost considered wordage that informs one of absolutely
nothing that one does not already know! In fact Peter, it reminds me of
the first coat of paint-the one that hides the cracks.
My question is quite simple:-what are the Government going to do about
ever increasing job losses being incurred due to the implementation of
the 'blanket' smokeban law?
It is immaterial whether you are in favour of smoking or not, smokers
have rights as do non smokers and it seems that smoking is now a bigger
evil than unemployment and poverty. War is exceedingly bad for the
body-a bullet does far more damage than a cigarette, yet you (the Gov't)
are more than happy to keep sending 'canonfodder' to eastern countries,
only to come back encased in coffins!
Now that WMC's are in trouble with patronage (the Wigston club has just
shut after 130 years trading) how much unemployment do you envisage them
Mecca Bingo halls are also now considering shutting down due to falling
patronage! They contribute colossal sums to your Gov't in revenue but if
they 'go to the wall' it's revenue you won't have-but will find in other
ways;viz, us-the people! Do you not care about the people whose
employment is being jeopardised by your actions?
You say you worked with the British Lung Foundation! Have you studied
the Wu/Williams or Enkstrom/Kabat reports on SHS? Do you actually know
what conclusions were drawn by both lengthy and very expensive studies?
Again, I request that you ask the Minister for Works & Pensions what
this Gov't are going to do about the massive unemployment this smokeban
is causing? The answer is so simple as to be blindingly obvious! Give
Pubs/clubs the freedom2choose (.org) so that they can save their
I look forward to your affirmative reply with great interest Peter.
Yours sincerely
Phil Johnson

Response to this as follows:-

Dear Mr Johnson,
We have now exchanged a number of emails on this matter and it is clear
that you do not share my views about the effects of active and passive
smoking both on health and on the national economy.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Soulsby

So there you have it, I don't agree with his view so therefore he doesn't agree with anything I've got to say that concerns 31% (in Leicester) of his constituents. Therefore, this trougher is being paid exorbitant amounts to represent a mere 2/3rds of the people he supposedly represents!
Happily, election time is nearly upon us thus "Trougher Soulsby" will find a considerable number of people ready to argue their case when the doorknockers start resounding in the area. I had hoped that he would do the honourable thing and stand down from the next election as he obviously cannot represent the very people he wants to put him in power - but apparently not! I remember one of his questions (in Parliament) was about the number of Lacrosse sets/balls used in schools (right! very important business-God help us!) when we were in recession, businesses closing left, right & centre and the country heading toward bankruptcy. What the hell does it matter about bloody Lacrosse in such a situation.
It is hoped (prayed for) that the Lib Dems mount a strong enough challenge in this area to oust this oaf (Tories have absolutely no chance here) just to get rid of the pompous halfwit.
We have to get rid of the man who doesn't adhere to democracy, who doen't like smokers and certainly doesn't like me!
May, 2010...Peter Soulsby...R.I.P


TheBigYin said...

What a pompous prat you have for an MP Phil. It is sad also that the only recourse to justice for the smoker and pubs/clubs is the vain hope the the Lib Dems would come to Leicester's rescue?!? Now that IS being between a rock and a hard place.

Man with Many Chins said...

"Dear Mr Johnson,
We have now exchanged a number of emails on this matter and it is clear
that you do not share my views about the effects of active and passive
smoking both on health and on the national economy."

Funny that, he was elected to represent the view of his constituents, not his own views.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Phil,


Now is a good time to hang out the
sow of all sows The Rt Hon Patricia
Hewitt for a total all out Witch
Hunt. This oxygen freak requires the full and undivided attention of
the full crew not just the occasional blither from the Signals Corp.
This tainted tart needs hauling down to the grid I stand near for a smoke outside a near empty pub.
No contrition for this two faced
fagette,no mercy,no slipping out of site, no flying of the radar.
This evil Magpie need a thorough
clipping,skinning and stuffing.
Lets hope the other Blog Knights
keep this skippy featured femme
firmly in the spotlight.

u no oo

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