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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Know thine enemy

I was intrigued when I got an email saying that:

rachael noxon @MedwayBreathes is now following you (@Freedom2Choose). 

Rachael is not the only anti smoking/tobacco hater to follow Freedom2Choose on Twitter, she's up there with a number of ASH clones from around the world, ASH New Zealand amongst them.

Who is this new name amongst the quagmire of prodnoses who believe that a wisp of tobacco smoke is a killer, a killer, according to them, akin to dropping bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined?


Remember Ciggy Buster's anyone? No?  Let me remind you:



Yep, that's our latest follower on Twitter, lovely, aint she?

Well she was until she went from this:

To this:
But hey, I don't want to be too harsh, after all she may be just a concerned citizen and worried about her fellow citizen's health and wellbeing? Yeah, bloody rigtht she is! After all she has a top job in tobacco control in Medway. And you pay for it!
Medway Public Health Team outlined the need for engagement not only with the general public and young people, but also with stakeholders through a workshop to spark (oh stop it ffs!)the beginnings of a Tobacco Control Alliance across a number of professionals!
The overriding objective of the project was:'To understand resident's attitudes and behaviours towards tobacco control so that we can develop a local tobacco control action plan that will add value to the national strategy and action plan.'
Medway Public Health Team were also keen to know more about its citizen's attitudes towards:
- Smokefree homes and cars ( this is what they seek, this is what they want, this is what they, the tobacco control freeks will do, unless you stop them!)
- The purchase of cheap tobacco products through illicit trade (which tobacco control z
ealots started in the first place with their their punitive ban! )
- The ban on smoking in public places and if smokefree zones should be created elsewhere (now your pissing me off, how far will your hatred of me, go?
- Potential actions and/or activities that citizens would be prepared to take to help with local tobacco control measures...
Why has the likes of Rachael got it in for me? Ill tell you one thing, the harder you kick me the harder I'll punch! Read more about Medway and it's desire to control and about Rachael on page three here (larfs out loud).

Why do people like Rachael hate me, and my ilk, so much?


Pat Nurse MA said...

I'd block her if I were you. No point in giving her campaign secrets that she could then use against us. People like that, for example, could damage campaigns and action such as in SS if they gain info from networking between smokers on Twitter or FB in advance.

Nothing in common so nothing to share.

As for Groundwork Kent - I used to write Groundwork Lincs newsletter. It's an environmental "charity". Rach has obviously just moved from one well paid position to another.

It's a shame that they don't employ smokers for these jobs. We do actually know what we are talking about. We are the experts on smoking after all.

Lysistrata said...

"Why do people like Rachel hate me, and my ilk, so much?"

Well it might be because of your creative use of the apostrophe throughout the article. :D

And because you spelled her name wrong in the final sentence. :D

As well as her being a career healthist, of course.

handymanphil said...

Looking at the bottom picture it just shows you how ugly people full of hate become-inside & outside! Fat frump springs to mind!
as for "groundwork"-just another waste of space government scheme with no future for its 6 month period attendees! just another way of moving unemployment figures around!

Anonymous said...

I don't know with Twitter, FB, online blogs, bulletin boards, etc. it is ever possible to truly block someone from reading in on confidential information - because someone can always assume a false identity created only for the purposes of spying on others. I am certain anti-smoking has its tentacles reaching deep into all online sources from which they can gather information to be used against believers in liberty. Believers in liberty might do well to also create false identities with which to quietly watch and report on nefarious goings on amongst the anti-tobacco people in response.

TheBigYin said...

Spot the deliberate mistake in the headline ladies...It has now been changed.

Pat you have a point that I deliberate over often when I get a healthist org that wants to use F2C on Twitter for their own gain, I get many of them and don't follow them as they will not have a different aspect to the 'smoking' issue. They are pushing their product, a product our readers do not want to hear. After all, if you want sometthing then you will go and find it.Argument I can meet head to head pushing me towards thier particular 'product'.

Lysistrata, take your point and will amend my typos shortly.

TheBigYin said...

pushing me towards thier particular 'product'. Leaves me cold I meant to say.

Pat Nurse MA said...

'fraid I couldn't do that. Their future plans for smokers would make me implode - but I see your point

TheBigYin said...

Phil you said what I hinted at, and the two things that a man should never say to a woman, even in jest, is weight and looks.

But the healthists have no qualms in mentioning them. They will deride women who smoke as being ugly because of their enjoyment of tobacco. And they will persecute women that are rotund and castigate them for being obese according to their BMI chart, a chart made up by venomous healthists! Clasical artists will be spinning in their graves, artists, men, who revered the more fulsome figure.

Angry Exile said...

Don't block her but have a cigarette every time you tweet. The Nth hand smoking - and I'm sure from everything else her lot say that passive smoking over IP is a real thing - will soon scare her off.

TheBigYin said...

Exile, I couldn't be so cruel to the faint hearted.

Bucko said...

I'd almost forgotten about her. During the Ciggy Busters fiasco she made the Medway Breathes website password entry only. I got her email off the council website and used it to reset her password on a daily basis for about a week. Good times.

I'd let her follow you and see what developes.

BTW that's not the original Ciggy Busters video is it? Have they done a new one? I thought they were long dead.

Barking Spider said...

I thought it would be something to do with those twats as soon as I saw it was something to do with Medway!

I completely agree with Pat, mate, I'd block the bitch as quickly as possible if I were you.

Angry Exile said...

BigYin, I bloody could.

Regular Tripper said...

Passive Smoking over IP.... absolute classic!

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