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Friday, 30 September 2011

Fight club is fighting the good fight but there's not enough of us yet!

What does it take for the humble smoker and his/her non smoking friends to wake up and smell the smoke encased in mirrors that is the UK smoking ban? The ban that has brought the humble pub, club and bingo hall to it's knees.

We apathetic smokers and non smokers alike need a hero to defend our freedoms, and indeed our freedom2choose, like never before as the anti smoking template encroaches into every fabric of our choices in life. We need more hero's.


Hero's like AWT.

I bought your kitchen knives AWT so you owe me one!

I am no fan of e-petitions after the last coagulation debacle where the boy Cleggy (Nick Clegg) from Last of the Summer Whine from the ilLiberal Condemn Party who put hanging together with the smoking ban when talking to mothers from mumsnet. This from a man who is a smoker himself! This man is a danger to us all with his illiberal way of thinking.

Another call to arms

Simon Clark (a non smoker I might add) from his Taking Liberties blog has upped the anti to garner suport for AWT's e-petition by having 50,000 cards printed and needs our help.
As promised, we have printed 50,000 cards to promote Antony Worrall Thompson's e-petition to review the smoking ban.

They are available in boxes of 100 and we are looking for volunteers to distribute them to smokers outside pubs, clubs, offices and cafes – anywhere, in fact, where adults are smoking.
I urge everyone to visit his blog and ask to be sent 100 of these cards and distribute them in your local area, full details here.

In these anti smoking/smoker times I leave you with this from comedian David Mitchell...well, you gotta laugh or you would cry before committing suicide, don't you?

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