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Monday, 5 September 2011

Think of the chiiildren...take them off of fat parents?

Over at Puddlecote Towers DP was extolling the virtues of Sir Terry Wogan who said to his listeners:

"[...] what is certain is that nobody, however qualified, has the right to tell anybody else what they should be eating. Or drinking. President Sarkozy of France, a great man for jumping on a bandwagon, is proposing a tax on fizzy drinks. What about human rights? The idea that tax should be levied on “wrong” food and drinks smacks too closely of dictatorship. It is the inalienable right of every man and woman in a free society to go to hell in their own handcart, as long as nobody else gets hurt."
Sentiments most of us would agree with but would have the health Nazis baying for Sir Terry to be stripped of his knighthood.

I suspect those very Nazis will be standing and cheering as a loving family have their children taken off them and adopted by a more rabid health zealot who, one supposes, do not have children of their own to bully into conformity and puritanism.

You will obey or suffer the consequences
Dundee's so-called "fat family" - who had two of their children taken away from them because they were so overweight - have denied in an exclusive interview with STV News that they ever "physically or mentally abused their children".
In a bid to mask their true reasons the social workers at Dundee council said they were taking the family's kids away because of  physical and mental cruelty, which the parents deny:

"The kids have their disagreements like brothers and sisters do and they have a wee kick or hit at each other.The social workers said that's not acceptable behaviour.
"The people I know who I have asked if their kids fight - they all say yes too."
I've still got scars from when me and my brother had a little disagreement, most of my pals on our street did.

Of course, Dundee council said:

A spokesman for Dundee City Council said: "We cannot comment on individual cases."
Nothing new there then. Read and watch a video with the family concerned here.

Some people may ask "Why talk about the problems of fat people and not smokers?" Well, as most of us bloggers that have a libertarian bent and call for the amendment of the smoking ban, and the removal of all future threats to smokers and their freedom2choose our priority, we cannot sit on our hands while overeaters and social drinkers are being giving the 'smokers blueprint' treatment by the bansterbators. I wish the drinkers and overweight people had fought for the rights of smokers but F2C, and many of the readers of this blog, are not vindictive and spiteful like the high and mighty that try to make us mend our ways, we are bigger than that.

And don't forget that taking kids away from smoking parents is on the cards, indeed they have made many inroads into that territory and the child abuse lie is emotively bandied about like confetti and labeling you as a child abuser is sound reason for these bastards to split up families by taking your kids away.


Anonymous said...

So it's for the children is it?
Of what possible benefit is it to remove the children from loving parents just because you disagree with their lifestyle?

What will be next, removal of children from parents who disagree with the health zealots?

This whole afair is no better than than the policies adopted by Artur Axemann the leader of the Hitler Youth, it is morally wrong to seperate children from their families because of their lifestyle choices, to teach them to blackmail their parents into changing their lifestyle.

Thousands of loving parents were handed over to the tender mercies of the Gestapo on just the word of a child, often their own, because of an overheard word or even just a joke! Others reported long standing friends on similar grounds or because of their religion, or just because they had annoyed them.

Is this what you really want here, the state and health zealots running every aspect of your life under the threat of the removal of your children?

If you enjoy food, enjoy a drink or tobacco if you do not adhere to the demands of these peopel this will happen more often and for the least infraction of their dictats.

It is time to take a stand against these people, you the parents, you who love your children have to stop this, it is as the health zealots tell you for the children, it is more than that, it is for your children.

Sheila said...

I have been trying to raise awareness of the Scottish surveillance scandal for some time.

These issues have recently been given a much needed airing by old-school investigative journalist Kenneth Roy.

I have been collating Kenneth’s excellent articles and other recent coverage on the forum thread:

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