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Thursday, 29 September 2011

How do you kill a mocking bird that refuses to stop smoking?

Well poison us off of course! And oh boy, are the anti smoking and the 'never smoked in my life but I hate those that do' brigade pulling out all the stops to do just that, poison off what they see as an offense to their snooty noses!

You see, these anti smoking prohibition days they have all the power and influence to rule your enjoyment of a smoke of tabacco addiction and put you down, down as something smaller than a sewer rat that some body of influence, somewhere, will try and convince our sterile government that the ferile rat is an endangered species, and that the culling should cease, they should be savoured and enjoyed as part of our habitat, they may be disease ridden but they are animals after all and we should cope with it, no matter the consequences.

Not so with smokers, of course. Today the smoker is seen as sub human, someone to mock, just like they did with the black man, just what they did with the Jew. We are talking about human beings here but anyone that smokes is assumed to be 'disease ridden' either not now but in the future and sub human, which is a blatant lie perpetuated by the anti smoking industry to further their cause! Do you see a comaparison here? If you don't I will point a few comparisons to the reader.

Anyway, hot on the heels of that other posion to smokers that want to quit, Champix (Zyban) and LIP they have produced another product called Tabex which you also can use as a stop smoking aid, for only a few pence, another poison for the [made to feel] guilty smoker Yeah, fucking ritght.

Do you think us smokers are fucking stupid....  obviously you think we are! When will this pill be forced upon us by an EU dictat!  A dictat that our leaders, that we voted for, follow and when we fight back they will say, " I was only following EU orders!"

I am no politician but the EU fucking stinks.


Leg-iron said...

Tabex is made from laburnum. I don't know much about laburnum but I do know it's very toxic indeed.

There's also the rather clever caveat "Well we haven't approved it in the UK as safe, but you can buy it on the internet and we won't stop you".

Try bringing tobacco in, and they'll stop you. Buy stuff to poison smokers, no problem.

That's the NHS. With full support from all three main parties.

Anonymous said...

Google "Champix kills"

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