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Sunday, 25 September 2011


I must admit that I was not all that bright at school. Although rebellious and frequently 'absent' from lessons I still managed to come out of my formative years  being able to read, write and do the basics of adding up numbers, any more complicated number crunching left me cold and to this day I still shy away from anything that involves complicated subtraction, devision or fractions.

I have gotten through life with minimal difficulty despite my proclivities towards disliking these three staples of education that will help you me go through life with a greater degree of understanding but I still think of myself as the 'dunce' amongst experts. Experts like Chris Snowden, Rich White, Michael J McFadden and M Siegel.

I am a simple man who likes a drink, a smoke and the odd comfort food then, I find, these days, that what I do now and what I have done in the past makes me a pariah amongst so called 'polite society'.

Where I felt safe in my own country I now feel as though I am being sought out for culling because of my lifestyle choices,  I no longer feel safe as Dick Puddlecote can testify due to the amount of hate comments posted on sites where smoking is mentioned.

So I have a lot to learn and learn I will, no matter how long it takes and the first thing I must learn is how to make FOI requests and, thankfully, this site makes it a lot easier.

I think I'll make Stirling University's reluctance to 'give up' certain info to a tobacco company my first intro into FOI requests? Or I could ask why the 'fire safe' cigarette was introduced without a whimper from the MSM and I could ask the relevant people that presume to rule our lives....

It's a minefield, a minefield that I must cross for my sanity.


Lysistrata said...

'...the relevant people that dane to rule our lives.'


The last time Danes ruled our lives was when we were paying danegeld.

The word is 'deign'. :D

Anonymous said...

Can more than a single entity file for and receive information using FOIA?

If so, then maybe everytime an incident arises, Stirling, fire-safe cigs, etc., then a whole lot of people should simply flood them with FOIA requests, so if they wanted to fend them off, they'd have to do so, each individually, one by one, making it a tedious and expensive enough fight that they'd just have to hand over the information, which by law, they are required to hand over anyhow.

That said, then maybe a few more should file FOIA requests against Stirling and stir up the pot and the fire a little hotter.

TheBigYin said...

I see you spotted the ddeliberate mistake Lysty and I do hope the Danes take it in the spirit it was intended. (Phew, hope I got away with that dire excuse for my tardiness.)

Anon I agree with you but if, and I don't have great knowledge about the court system, the recipients of the FOI take every case to court then ordinary people like me will be unable to fund court I say, I'm not sure how the FOI system works but will be looking into it.

Anonymous said...

Worry not, dear Yin, intelligence
is not what is required to resume a sanity we once took for granted.
A sufficient number of men and women of good heart and firm resolve who can do a limited amount
off ass kicking will suffice.
In our great city slums there are
multitudes of mega chavs just waiting for an Archangels call
to arms.Bans and restrictions
are man made,not by Gods,and by men
will they be destroyed.
Seek and ye shall find.

Passsing Cloud
sooner or later

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