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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Indiana wants me...

...but I can't go back there! And they definitely don't want smokers in Muncie, Indiana. Or at least Donald Dunnuck, attorney for the local board of health does not.

Dunnuck is trying to block a lawsuit by lawyers representing affected parties like tavern owners and 'others who oppose the ban'.

The judge in the smoking ban lawsuit has set a Friday hearing, and attorneys for the county and the tavern owners and others who oppose the ban -- which went into effect Aug. 11 -- are preparing for it.
 The 'others' are not insignificant as they encompass 'fraternal organisations' and tobacco shops but I can see the anti smoking movement in Indiana honing in on the tobacco shops and ascertaining that they, and the bars, are crying wolf and point to some ASHUSA foot soldier who will claim the opposite and then produce some cherry picked statistics for his/her boss.

Bruce Munson, representing the tavern owners, fraternal organizations and tobacco shops that want the ban overturned, said Friday he will "challenge some of the long-standing assumptions" about the dangers of second-hand smoke and argue that public health does not get a boost from a smoking ban.
Get in there Bruce! At last there's a lawyer out there that is not an ambulance chaser and is willing to test the 'assumption' that second hand smoke is a 'monumental' killer of the first degree. Because in the minds of some non smokers and smokers alike that lie assumption has been so hyped by the anti smoking media that even the most libertarian of non smoker would cower in the shadow of mister and misses average walking down the street puffing their heads off. After all, there's no smoke without fire, right?

Dunnuck does not agree however, well, it is his paycheck on the chopping block, isn't it.

Donald Dunnuck, attorney for the local board of health and one of three county commissioners who voted on June 6 to approve the ban, said Munson's arguments aren't valid and plans to show that similar smoking bans have been legally upheld in other communities.
 Because smoking bans have been 'legally upheld' in other communities does not make them right. And I have to ask questions about the American system, a system that UK yankophiles want to bring to this country, which is a helluva lot older than yours, with a helluva lot of 'citizens' laws far superior to your constitution and, alas, the Magna Carta is going the way of your constitution, it is being torn to shreds in front of your our very eyes by vested interests, I thought your constitution was above all that, seems not, and we in the UK are following suit.

The modern day anti smoking zealotry started in the US and, through lies and deceptions, smoking bans came to these shores but contrary to the anti smoker the debate is far from over and I wish the 'taverns' in the UK had banded together and bought a lawyer to fight their corner, this did not happen, to my great sadness and seeing some of my friends lose their business due to the ban was a downer in the first degree.

The full story is here.

I will be watching Muncie, Indiana with interest.


jredheadgirl said...

" Because smoking bans have been 'legally upheld' in other communities does not make them right.


IL Libertarian Dude said...

Sheesh, Donald Dunnuck has such a ridiculous conflict of interest here. Both a Delaware County Commissioner(the Indiana county that includes Muncie, for those who don't know), AND choosing to be the attorney representing the Delaware County Board of Health?

That is ****ed up, like crazy. I'm tempted to make this the very next topic I'll write about, in my blog. And I feel extremely bad I haven't been doing a lot of writing on my blog this year(especially after the great amount of time I spent writing on it in 2010), I just hope I'll have a more energized spirit to do more writings on there up to the end of 2011, and particularly to do A LOT more writing on it in 2012.

-Allan(of IL Libertarian Dude)

TheBigYin said...

Thanks for the comment Dude and making me aware of your existance and your blog.

Indeed most of us limeys don't know much about the structure of your states and welcome an education.

Will add your bog to our blogroll and do hope you keep it up to date, always good to know what is happening smoker wise over the pond.

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