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Monday, 12 September 2011

Civilisation, progress or decline?

A guest post by John Watson.

From the very first mankind has held the belief that it is superior to the animal kingdom. Mankind learned from nature how to hunt, how to survive and lived within the rules of nature.  Mankind utilised his mind making many discoveries about the world he lives in, some like fire were a mixed blessing others like dwelling in caves were a boon,  somewhere along the way mankind learned how to kill each other for a myriad of reasons, he also learned that by doing so he would in time destroy himself  so a mutually acceptable frame was slowly drawn up to prevent this from happening, it became known as civilisation.

Civilisation was never perfect, nor will it ever be, human nature does not permit this to happen.  What civilisation did do was to provide a framework of tolerance, a code of behaviour that denied the worst excesses of humanity.
Civilisation came in many forms, it had its good points and it had its bad points, from the ancients of Egypt, Greece and Rome, from where we drew most of our early thoughts of law and democracy, through the great religions from where we drew up a code of conduct for our daily lives which, while again was  not perfect  as the transition from multi-deities to mono-deities, showed only to well, even among the great religions that there was a degree of in-fighting despite the similarities of their religions.
There are those among  the Jews, the Muslims  and the Christians, those who not only believe but practice tolerance as learned from their holy books, and those who do not, yet these religions survive, they survived the crusades, they survived the infighting of the Christian churches, even the persistent troubles of  Judaic- Christian conflict and Judaic-Islamic-Christian infighting. Indeed civilisation flourished until the mid 20th century and the rise of National Socialism where not only religious tolerance but tolerance for anyone who disagreed with the all powerful minority that controlled Germany were subjected to Nacht and Nebel (night and fog), to prejudiced justice, and the infamous concentration camps where over 6.000.000 died simply because of their lifestyle , their religion or that they merely held a different opinion to the state.

It took six years of war involving most of the world, cost around 50.000.000 dead to put right the intolerance of a minority and it was hoped that such a minority would never exist again. In fact it was with this in mind that the United Nations was formed, and, in part, it's offshoot, The World Health Organisation (WHO) was borne.

Today the WHO have abandoned the ideals with which they were founded ,  instead of helping civilisation protect its most vulnerable this un-elected  group have seen fit to interfere in National Sovereignty, to deny the freedom of speech to legitimate business’s  producing legitimate products , and encourage the persecution of  billions of  the world’s citizens worldwide who have committed no crime except to buy and use a legitimate product.

Governments too are not exempt from blame, they appear to have forgotten the very concepts of democracy by which they hold their positions, they seem to believe that they are elected to rule, they are not, they are elected to govern and represent the people, it is with the people that true democratic power lies, it is the people who decide how long or short political careers are, it is the will of the people that they are there to uphold  and not charities like ASH, the BHF or Cancer UK. Neither are they there to uphold the interests of big businesses including  both the Pharmaceutical and Tobacco companies to the extent that as a nation we cannot even defend our own shores yet trot off to fight in any corner of the world that will inflate the ego of the politicians. 

Despite numerous representations by the people to remove us from the EU, despite numerous representations by the people to amend the Health Acts which has contributed so highly to unemployment with the expense that entails, which has encouraged a lack of tolerance among a minority of people led by ASH and other charities, most of whom are very heavily funded by the taxpayer, making them think tanks, not true charities at all.

 The media has abandoned all pretence of  neutrality and equality which was once the hallmark of the BBC in favour of representing political bias.

Worse still its effects on justice have reduced our legal system to a par with the National Socialist Peoples Courts whose judges were executed for their crimes at Nuremberg. 

As a people we have a right to justice that is not influenced by Europe, By the WHO or even our own politicians, as a people we have a right to buy legitimate products without fear or prejudice,  we have the right to see them on display , the right to choose  to buy identifiable brands of legitimate products.

We do not have the right to dictate anyone’s lifestyle Choices, and we do not have the right to persecute those who buy and use legitimate products just as we do not have the right to persecute  those who  live an alternative lifestyle  or on religious grounds , deny the rights of one of those groups then the rights of all of them are in grave danger. Indeed those who support the removal of those rights  are no better than  those who peddle hatred toward the gay community, who peddle religious hatred, who peddle racial hatred.

I remind you all that "Democracy is the power of the people, for the people, by the people" and that politicians should learn what the common denominator in that statement is and that intolerance has no place in a civilised society. 

 The truth will out.

John Watson.


Anonymous said...


TheBigYin said...

I like the way John thinks Anon, he does not pull his punches.

Anonymous said...

Very good article, with one of the problems still being that the minority in charge also have power over the mainstream and keep this type of thought from ever reaching wide public consciousness. Otherwise realization of this sort would be dangerous to the powers that be who are behind the curtains pulling strings enacting illiberal infringements on human liberties and rights. WHO and UN at this point, similar to EU, have become so corrupted it's time to tear them all down and start again me-thinks - or simiply do away with them altogether.

TheBigYin said...

@anon 06:10:00.

John Watson is always thought provoking in his guest posts and always gives the more inquisitive brain food for thought.

I tend to rant about the smoking ban but John does not, he is more refined in his deliberations than I am.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Exceelent post. It seems the only place we see straight talking now is in the blogosphere. One of my big obsessions at the moment is the way we are being pushed towards a global government of unelected "experts" and financiers.

Anonymous said...

Had it not been for the extreme right wing movements in Italy,Spain and Germany,Bolshevism
would have swept across Europe and we would not be reading this blog
nor would we have any pubs to have
a smoking ban..or any type of
communal meeting place.
The new Bolshevics wear nice suits and smile on TV,they ply their poison with popular Soaps and catchy tunes.
Let us not forget ,the allies promised to maintain liberty for Poland,Czechoslovakia,Bulgaria
Romania and the Baltic States,
then what,they sold out to Marxism

Under 60s you will be sorry
very sorry


Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your comments, I must admit that while writing Civilisation.... I was unsure about how it would come across, I am sure though an article like this would not get past the editors at any newspaper!

My work has been described as thought provoking, it does appear that it has attracted some thought provoking responses which I suspect will only sit there until they find their place in the bigger picture before re-emerging in another piece.

John Watson

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