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Sunday, 11 September 2011

New York, New York, so good they named it twice.

Me and the Mrs had just came home from an afternoons shopping and, bag laden, I managed to press the remote control button for the TV and went about the business of unpacking the goods we had bought. It was six pm UK time and as I unpacked my eye cought the TV screen and I assumed what I saw was a disaster movie and carried on unpacking. It soon became apparent that it was no movie, this was a real life tragedy unfolding in front of my very eyes. The date was the 11th of September 2001.

I am no fan of America because of it's many tentacles that reach far and wide away from it's shores, influencing other erstwhile sovereignties around the globe to follow their command or dictat. But yet I love that country, it has enriched lives on a global scale that even Britain, in it's glory days, would love to aspire to. The USA gave us an embarrassment of riches that are so diverse it is hard to imagine. From Thomas Edison to Elvis, Scott Joplin and Frank Sinatra to Einstein and the first moon landing...I could go on and on.

But this post is not about America's acheivements, this post is about death and destruction, this post is about hatred of another culture, this post is about creeps that pervade our world (like Bin Laden) and get others to do their bidding to the point of death, no matter how many lives they take with them.

Why did the hard core Muslim fanatics do it? Was it really for the untold number of women they would be able to copulate with in the afterlife? Or was it that they were dupes in a political war against America?

And then, you fanatics, subverting our youth with your distorted view when reading the Quran came to these shores and kill more inocent people who have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with life and living. You disgust me so much that I want to kill YOU! But I wouldn't countenance it, killing for a political cause is not appealing and morally wrong. No, when death comes to me I will revel in the fact it came naturally, not from some fanitical airhead with a father/mother complex who follows the teachings of the likes of Bin Laden who says, yes, kill yourselves in the name of Alah and when you get to the pearly gates tell them I sent you there, all for Islam, of course.

But this blog is not about you Islamist hard core that laugh at death and destruction, this blog is about those that you assigned to death, destruction of buildings is not an issue, the death of those people in the twin towers is:

Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr.
Edelmiro Abad
Maria Rose Abad
Andrew Anthony Abate
Vincent Abate
Laurence Christopher Abel
William F. Abrahamson
Richard Anthony Aceto
Jesus Acevedo Rescand
Heinrich Bernhard Ackermann
Paul Acquaviva
Donald LaRoy Adams
Patrick Adams
Shannon Lewis Adams
Stephen George Adams
Ignatius Udo Adanga
Christy A. Addamo
Terence E. Adderley, Jr.
Sophia Buruwad Addo
Lee Allan Adler
Daniel Thomas Afflitto
Emmanuel Akwasi Afuakwah
Alok Agarwal
Mukul Kumar Agarwala
Joseph Agnello
 David Scott Agnes
Brian G. Ahearn
Jeremiah Joseph Ahern
Joanne Marie Ahladiotis
Shabbir Ahmed
Terrance Andre Aiken
Godwin Ajala
Gertrude M. Alagero
Andrew Alameno
Margaret Ann Alario
Gary M. Albero
Jon Leslie Albert
Peter Alderman
Jacquelyn Delaine Aldridge
David D. Alger
Sarah Ali-Escarcega
Ernest Alikakos
Edward L. Allegretto
Eric Allen
Joseph Ryan Allen
Richard Dennis Allen
Richard Lanard Allen
Christopher E. Allingham
Janet M. Alonso
Arturo Alva-Moreno
Anthony Alvarado
Antonio Javier Alvarez
Victoria Alvarez-Brito
Telmo E. Alvear
Cesar Amoranto Alviar
Tariq Amanullah
Angelo Amaranto
James M. Amato Joseph Amatuccio
Christopher Charles Amoroso
Kazuhiro Anai
Calixto Anaya, Jr.
Joseph Anchundia
Kermit Charles Anderson
Yvette Constance Anderson
John Andreacchio
Michael Rourke Andrews
Jean Ann Andrucki
Siew-Nya Ang
Joseph Angelini, Jr.
Joseph Angelini, Sr.
Laura Angilletta
Doreen J. Angrisani
Lorraine Antigua
Peter Paul Apollo
Faustino Apostol, Jr.
Frank Thomas Aquilino
Patrick Michael Aranyos
David Arce
Michael George Arczynski
Louis Arena
Adam P. Arias
Michael Armstrong
Jack Charles Aron
Joshua Aron
Richard Avery Aronow
Japhet Jesse Aryee
Patrick Asante
Carl Asaro
Michael Asciak
Michael Edward Asher
Janice Marie Ashley
Thomas J. Ashton
Manuel O. Asitimbay
Gregg Arthur Atlas
Gerald T. Atwood
James Audiffred
Louis Frank Aversano, Jr.
Ezra Aviles
Sandy Ayala
Arlene T. Babakitis
Eustace P. Bacchus
John J. Badagliacca
Jane Ellen Baeszler
Robert J. Baierwalter
Andrew J. Bailey
Brett T. Bailey
Tatyana Bakalinskaya
Michael S. Baksh
Sharon M. Balkcom
Michael Andrew Bane
Katherine Bantis
Gerard Baptiste
Walter Baran
Gerard A. Barbara
Paul Vincent Barbaro
James William Barbella
Ivan Kyrillos F. Barbosa
Victor Daniel Barbosa
Colleen Ann Barkow
David Michael Barkway
Matthew Barnes
Sheila Patricia Barnes
Evan J. Baron
Renee Barrett-Arjune
Nathaly Barrios La Cruz
Arthur Thaddeus Barry
Diane G. Barry
Maurice Vincent Barry
Scott D. Bart
Carlton W. Bartels
Guy Barzvi
Inna B. Basina
Alysia Basmajia...
I have no room to post everyone that died in New York that day, and the death toll keeps rising in the aftermath of the destruction of the twin towers through ill health due to the fall out from their destruction by fanatical despots. You can read of the others that died here as I cannot fit them all into this blog.

The memory of that attrocity that occured on the 11th of September 2001 and the amount of people who died for some Islamic cause will be forever imprinted on my mind until the day I die, naturally, of course. Their cause has already been removed from my mind.
I will not forget!

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