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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Go tell it to the Puritans


Smokers are always denormalised for their pleasures by the healthist puritans and the mainstream media always take up their cause with puritanical fervour.  They use tainted statistics, flawed medical data and downright lies as given fact.  CNN are no different when it comes to sticking their blunt metaphorical scalpel into you and your lifestyle, whether it be smoking, eating or drinking.

Did you know, for example, that 49% of lung transplants in 2008 here in the UK were from smokers?

Chris Watson, vice-president of the British Transplantation Society (BTS), told CNN that 49 percent of last year's lung donors in the UK were smokers.

And, naturally, the medical profession have been forced into the intolerable position of using dead smokers lungs to prolong another human beings life.

"We're not in the luxurious position in transplantation to turn down organs because they're not absolutely perfect -- there are very few perfect organs,"

That is very telling Chris, “THERE ARE VERY FEW PERFECT ORGANS.”  So why pick on smokers lungs?

So how many lung transplants are done here in the UK and what are the survival rates for all transplants, regardless of whether the donor smoked or not?

Each year, around 150 lung transplants are carried out in the UK, mainly on people in the final stages of lung disease such as cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions.

And one wonders what the survival rates are?

Today, more than 80% of lung transplant patients survive one year after surgery; at least 60% survive for five years, and nearly 50% survive for 10 years.


And, of course, CNN plucked out of their shadowy anti smoker drawer the one transplant recipient who died less than a year after receiving the transplant after finding a tumour, Corporal Matthew Millington.

Hmm, Cpl Millington dying just under one year of receiving his transplant seems good odds to me as 80% of all lung transplants survive up to one year, (they could go on to live longer, and most probably do, but this is never spoken of.)

Chris Watson, of whom I wrote earlier is more than happy to use smokers lungs for transplanting.

Watson is happy to use the organs that are available. He told CNN that data shows that transplants using smokers' lungs are just as effective in the long term as those using lungs from non-smokers.

And as for the unfortunate Cpl Millington Mr Watson says:

"In the case of Corporal Millington, the donor had a chest X-ray, bronchoscope and a careful inspection of the lungs once they were removed," Watson told CNN.

"When they found the tumour in Corporal Millington it was seven millimetres across and it was likely to have been two or three millimetres when it was transplanted. To find something that small you'd need to chop the lungs up into fine pieces, and then you can't transplant."

Don’t forget reader what Chris Watson said about all organs used for transplant:  “THERE ARE VERY FEW PERFECT ORGANS.”

Go tell that to the Puritans Chris!

H/T to the Pro-Choice Smoking Doctor



Anonymous said...

Even an autopsy cannot tell the difference between a smoker's lung and a non-smoker's lung. It is a myth that smokers lungs are black.

budgie said...

This certainly shoots down the old black lung argument - the vast majority of smokers have pink ones (ie normal).

But there is a sting in the tail - if 49% come from smokers and smokers only represent 25% of the population, an anti would argue that this is because smokers generally die younger. It would be worth knowing the average age of a donor.

Anonymous said...

Budgie, the disproportionate representation of smokers among organ donors may also relflect their greater social awareness and innate generosity of spirit.

budgie said...

Lol, but their 'greater social awareness and innate generosity of spirit' towards non smokers has been sorely tested these last few years...

Anonymous said...

Transplant rates correlate perfectly with road deaths, apart from Poland where there are very many road deaths but everyone's too pissed to take advantage. Hence, Spain tops the transplant league and donors are disproportionatley young males who exhibit risky behaviours, including smoking. I have heard several times from doctors that smokers should be denied transplants. I urge all smokers to rip up their donor cards and take their names off the donor register. If all smokers stopped giving blood and organs, the ban would be gone within a month.

Amusing Bunni said...

Wow that's very interesting! Who would of thought they'd actually admit that.

Is gordon brown a smoker? If so, or if not, he and obama, who is, should both volunteer for double lung donations and we'll see how long the lucky recipients last. Those two could get by without their lungs, they are still living without any hearts.

Barking Spider said...

Just as one would think, Big Yin, every bit as reliable as climate change data! Arseholes!!

Anonymous said...

Look at those figures again.. 49% are from smokers.. so 51% are from non-smokers, and the rates of survival is 50% for 10 years or more.

Common sense then says that either the smokers lungs or the non-smokers lungs are the reason for the recovery rates being only 50%.

Chris Watsons final quote could also apply to any organ.. not just lungs!.. heart, kidney, etc etc

If I ever needed a donor I'd hope it was from a non-smoker.. sorry all you smokers, i'm sure you're all fit as fiddles, and haven't got cancerous tumours growing in you, but I'd really not want to take the risk.. unless there really was no option..

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